Hospitality Wipes

TIDDOX® supplies a range of hospitality wipes into the food processing, hotel, restaurant, bar and catering industries. With an emphasis on quality, achieved through extra thickness and high concentrations of absorbency material, we proudly offer our highly effective, price competitive products - COST SAVINGS without any compromise to QUALITY!  



Hospitality wipes are used frequently in kitchens during food preparation, as well as front of house to clean tables, chairs and counters. Through its network of distributors nationwide, TIDDOX supplies a range of highly absorbent surface cleaning products to businesses operating in the hospitality sector, such as hotels, cafes and restaurants, bars, clubs and catering companies.

TIDDOX hospitality products are available in both roll and sheet format, with the rolls made up of perforated cleaning sheets. Rolls range from 45M HEAVY DUTY WIPING ROLLS through to 300M JUMBO CLEANING ROLLS , and are supplied in either a medium duty weight or a heavy duty weight, depending on the thickness required.

The TIDDOX CLASSIC WIPES of flat pack products varies in size from 30cm x 60cm, increasing to 45cm x 60cm, as well as the extra large 60cm x 60cm size. In addition to these flat packets, the CLASSIC RANGE is also packaged as CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL, which are economically packaged as 125 perforated cleaning sheets per roll (56m). For high usage areas, we have wipes on a roll that is nearly six times larger, called the CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL - so large that it requires a floor stand dispenser given its super jumbo size. The CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL is made up of 600 perforated cleaning sheets per roll (300m), which are torn off using the metal blade on the floor dispenser. This is ideal where a disposable economic option is required in a busy area.

If you are looking for a heavier cloth that is just as absorbent, but contains extra grams per square meter, look no further than the TIDDOX PREMIUM RANGE. These cloths are thicker and heavier than the CLASSIC RANGE, and are also available in both sheet and roll format (wipes-on-a-roll). The flat packed PREMIUM WIPES come in the same range of sizes that is offered in the Classic range, and the PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY WIPING ROLLS are manufactured to be 45m in length and are made up of 90-sheets per roll (50cm x 30cm). The Premium heavy duty rolls are treated with an antibacterial agent to extend the life of the cleaning product. The antibacterial agent inhibits the growth of bacteria. These products are also treated with extra binder to reduce linting whilst wiping. These heavy duty cloths are colour coded and available in blue, green, red and yellow, as well as special coffee colour popular as barista cleaning cloths.

Besides its spunlace cleaning products, TIDDOX also supplies the Hospitality industry with COLOUR CODED MICROFIBRE CLOTHS which are used to clean surfaces and absorb dust particles easily. The most popular microfibre product is the speciality glass cleaning material called the MICROMAX , which allows for streak free wiping due to its non-abrasive, low-linting, high absorption properties. The MICROMAX can be used to dry drinking glasses, or polish windows, screens or even kitchen equipment. They can be washed and reused many times and are packaged 10 per bag. If you are looking for a thicker pile of microfibre, TIDDOX also supplies the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS , available in most colours and in a variety of densities, depending on the required purpose.

MAXI WIPES are very thick, sponge like cleaning materials, sometimes referred to as J-CLOTHS or VISCOSE CLOTHS , and are made of high concentrations of viscose to increase their absorbency. Where there is a spill which needs a quick absorption solution, these thick, absorbent products are the answer. Popular for their fast absorption properties, and smooth to the touch, they are perfect to dry up counter spills or restaurant table mess, In order to prevent unnecessary spread of germs in the hospitality environment, all of these cloths are available in different colour coded formats such as blue, green, red and yellow, and come in both a medium duty weight and a heavy duty weight. The colour coding allows for easy identification and separation of wiping tasks.

Need something larger? These viscose sponge like products are also available as EXTRA LARGE cleaning cloths (50cm x 60cm size) for quick absorption of floor spills and as carpet spill absorption cloths. There are two options in this super sized range, namely the ORANGE SUPERMAX XL SHAMMY , or the even thicker YELLOW TITAN CHAMOIS . Both of these options have added concentrations of viscose to increase their absorbency, have approximately a 2.5 times larger surface area, and nearly double the weight of the regular sized Maxi Wipes.

For tasks requiring a LOW LINTING / LINT-FREE wiping solution, TIDDOX also supplies the hospitality industry with its wide range of INDUSTRIAL WIPES, which include the large format INDUSTRO WIPES (equipment & glass cleaning), smaller hand sized SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES , the White or Blue "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" cartons of scrim reinforced 4-ply tissue. The RHINO RANGE OF INDUSTRIAL LINT FREE WIPES are as you would expect from the name TOUGH, DURABLE & ABSORBENT WIPERS. These industrial grade products are suited to cleaning kitchen equipment, wiping away grease and oils, and generally used when a more durable, solvent resistant product is required. They are all very tough and do not tear or lint easily, making them very durable cleaning products. The most popular of the range are the WHITE RHINO ROLLS , a medium duty tear off wiper, that is versatile and great for wiping surfaces, absorbing liquid, oil and grease. At the heavier end of the range are the HEAVY DUTY BLUE JUMBO RHINO ROLL , 475 sheets of extra thick and absorbent sheeting, and its white counterpart, the HEAVY DUTY WHITE INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES, which are packaged in a pull out pop-up portable box.

We also supply wet wipes which are very effective in removing grease from equipment surfaces, wiping down instrumets or cleaning hands. These INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES , are are available in cans containing 70 sheets per canister, treated with a special citrus smelling formula to remove grease and clean hands. The canister is portable making this a convenient product for those on the move or driving around.

Because of the need to prevent the spread of germs that can lead to food poisoning, colour coding our products assists in the separation of cloths, with each colour allocated a different and separate cleaning purpose. For example, green cloths are commonly dedicated to kitchen cleaning tasks, whilst red cleaning cloths are typically used for high germ risk areas such as toilets and washroom cleaning tasks. Blue cleaning cloths are often used for general purpose wiping and low risk cleaning tasks, such as wiping down counters and tables. Yellow cleaning cloths are typically used for speciality cleaning tasks. Below is a suggested colour coding guide.

TIDDOX® products have been colour coded to ensure that these items are not used in multiple areas or for different tasks, therefore reducing the risk of cross-infection resulting in safer, cleaner and healthier environments. 

  • Green - Kitchen Areas:  Food preparation and food service areas, as well as bar areas.
  • Blue - General Cleaning: Low risk cleaning (such as dusting, glass, mirrors, windows).
  • Red/Pink - Bathroom Areas: High germ areas (such as restrooms, floors, toilets, urinals).
  • Yellow - Low Risk Areas: Low risk infection applications (such as sinks, counters, washroom surfaces) and specialty applications.