Mining & Marine Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX®offers a wide range of mining cleaning cloths, whether for indoor cleaning in the mine camp sites or for outdoor industrial wiping tasks. 

Environmental clean up pads, known as Sorbents, are used in both mining and the marine industries, which including General Purpose absorption pads and Oil Only absorption pads and rolls used to treat oil spills.



TIDDOX supplies a wide range of ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANUP PADS , known as SORBENTS, to the Marine and Mining industries. Where there is a need to absorb oil, diesel or petrol that has leaked or spilled, the white coloured OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS and OIL ONLY ABSORBENT ROLLS are capable of absorbing approximately 1 litre of fuel each. These are useful on mine sites, but because they resist water, they are also very popular in marine spill cleanups. The grey coloured GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS and GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT ROLLS are environmental clean up cloths that will absorb BOTH oil and water. An economic alternative to the above options are the ORANGE XL SUPERMAX ABSORBENT PADS which are packed 200 to a carton and are thick, absorbent and sizable at 60cm x 50cm per pad .

TIDDOX also supplies a number of heavy duty Industrial Wipers to both the marine and mining industries. The RHINO WIPES are a tough and durable range of industrial rolls that are engineered to absorb oil and grease and will not easily fall apart. These polypropylene mixed materials come in heavy duty jumbo roll format, JUMBO RHINO ROLL , or as smaller hand sized medium duty rolls, WHITE RHINO ROLLS . Also available in pop-up pull out box format, INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES . The added advantage of these is RHINO WIPES is that they are lint free / low linting. The final polypropylene based product in this range are our surface preparation oil and grease absorbing blue crowsfoot MELTBLOWN SOLVENT WIPES , which are also available in a jumbo roll format with the distinctive crowsfoot pattern, see MELTBLOWN DEGREASING JUMBO ROLL

Similarly low linting are our woodpulp mixed materials, which are very absorbent and ideal for more delicate wiping tasks such as polishing glass, wiping down boats, working with solvents, to name but a few applications. The largest of these are the INDUSTRO WIPES which will not break down when used with solvents (such as window cleaning chemicals) and covers a large surface area (300 sheets x 40cm x 55cm). The smaller hand sized version of this solvent wiping cloth is called SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES come in packs of 50 and have the added feature of a course texture on one side, for tougher wiping applications. The final woodpulp based product in this range is the very popular and economical "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" , a hand held roll of 200 perforated nylon reinforced scrim paper wipes.

From the rayon mixed wipes range, TIDDOX supplies a 300M JUMBO ROLL which is very economical comprising 600 perforated easy to tear off wipers (30cm x 50cm) and easy to transport. A floor dispenser is also available to allow easy tear off of the perforated sheets. Also available are smaller hand sized rolls in medium duty, 125 CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL and heavy duty HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL p> TIDDOX supplies a range of lint-free and low lint polishing cloths such the the mircofibre cloth called the MICROMAX or the lint-free glass cleaning INDUSTRO WIPES .

For boat washing cloths or heavy equipment washing cloths, TIDDOX has the thick orange SUPERMAX SORBENT PADS , which are very large (60cm x 50cm) and have a huge capacity to absorb liquid quickly, and are great for covering large surface areas, prior to using a polishing cloth. For an even thicker SYNTHETIC SHAMMY CLOTH , try the yellow TITAL CLOTHS , which are also made of the same non abrasive absorbent material, just a much thicker cloth.

Mine Sites are big users of "BAGS OF RAGS" . TIDDOX supplies both 10kg bags of MIXED COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS RECYCLED WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS Other general purpose cleaning cloths include the food products cleaning cloths which are colour coded and are available as either packets of cloths or as rolls of wipes. See the CLASSIC CLEANING CLOTH RANGE and the heavier duty PREMIUM CLEANING CLOTH RANGE.