Car Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX® supplies a range of car cleaning wipes and cloths that can be used for polishing, valeting and general car washing and cleaning tasks. we also supply a range of industrial wipers that can deal with the grease and oil wiping requirements of mechanics.



There are many types of car wash cloths available, and choosing the correct wiper or cloth is essential to car care. TIDDOX has a range of automotive care cleaning products that we supply nationwide. Whether you are looking for a car detailing cloth in Melbourne or a car detailing cloth in Perth, the TIDDOX automotive range of heavy duty cleaning cloths will have what you need.

Our MICROFIBRE RANGE OF CLEANING CLOTHS includes the delicate WINDSCREEN LENS CLOTH, which is ideal for glass and windscreen cleaning and polishing, and are available in 15cm x 15cm sizes or the larger 40cm x 40cm size. These give a streak free finish and are suitable to lint-free tasks, such as polishing glass where you don't want lint or fluff left over after wiping. For multiple use applications, a more economical low lint option, of similar large size, 40cm x 55cm, are the INDUSTRO WIPES, excellent for glass polishing, windscreen wiping and all other car cleaning tasks where absorbency is as important as achieving a streak free finish. In addition, the TIDDOX lint free MICROMAX is a smooth microfibre cloth which is very absorbent and will not scratch surfaces. Other options, include the MICROFIBRE GLASS CLOTH, available in a range of colours, soft, lint-free, non-abrasive and ultra absorbent, or the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS, which are suitable to all purpose tasks, and pick up dirt and dust particles, when wet or dry. Other popular detailing cloths for interior cleaning of cars are the packs of white OMNIWIPES, which are very absorbent, containing 90% viscose, and show up the dirt easily.

When washing the exterior of vehicles, car detailers use car towels or shammys that cover large surface areas shammys and are capable of absorbing vast amounts of liquid such as the TIDDOX ORANGE CHAMOIS or SUPERMAX SHAMMY , which is a thick, absorbent, soft sponge like cloth, that absorbs 8 times its own weight in liquid. This heavy weight, extra large rayon cloth is made up of 80% viscose, making it super absorbent!. For hand sized cloths made from the same material, the MAXI WIPES are available in packs of 10 hand sized cloths, in a variety of colours. Similar to car mitts, these extra thick cloths are also capable of absorbing 8 times their weight in liquid, and are the soft, thick material will not scratch.

When it comes to cleaning tyres or wiping down engines, a more heavy duty, industrial wipe is preferred, especially one that can absorb solvents, oil and grease. As part of the car care cleaning cloth range, TIDDOX has a number of INDUSTRIAL AUTOMOTIVE WIPES . The TIDDOX INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES , are a canister of citrus smelling wet wipes with an abrasive texture ideal for removing solvents, grease and grime from hands, tools and equipment. Also popular are the INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES , thick polypropylene white wipers that are packaged in pop-up pull out boxes. These tough, heavy duty wipes are very durable and absorbent, and also come in a blue jumbo roll format, called the JUMBO RHINO ROLL . Made from the same tough material, TIDDOX also offers a low linting medium duty version, called the WHITE RHINO ROLLS, which are very popular, particularly with tasks requiring little on no linting. Other options when dealing with solvents, are the TIDDOX SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES , abrasive textured white wipes which resist solvents, but absorb oil and grease.

No car cleaning kit would be complete without traditional bags of rags! TIDDOX RHINO RAGS include used recycled MIXED COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS come packaged in 10kg and 20kg bags, and our WHITE TSHIRT RAGS in 5kg and 10kg bags. Rags are great for mopping up oils and grease spills in automotive workshops as well as being used as of a car cleaning towel instead of a car wash mitt.In high usage areas, white rags are sometimes switched for more economical options, such as the WHITE RHINO ROLLS or the 600 sheet 300M JUMBO GREEN ROLL or the 380M JUMBO BLUE PAPER ROLL , made up of 1000 sheets of 3-ply industrial paper perforated sheets or the 70M RAG ON A ROLL , made up of 200 sheets of 4-ply industrial paper perforated sheets, on a nylon scrim webbing which gives it extra strength and durability