Oil Spill Pads

TIDDOX® supplies a range of oil-only and general-purpose absorbent pads and rolls, which have exceptional strength and durability, making them ideal for wiping up industrial and marine spills.


TIDDOX supplies Oil Spill Clean-up Pads. These sorbents are typically required during an environmental clean up operation either on land or at sea.

There are two types of oil absorbent pads available. The first is a what is called OIL ONLY ABSORPTION PADS, and these are water resistant pads that will only absorb oil, fuel and diesel. They float and can be used at sea and each pad will typically absorb about 1 litre of oil. They also are available in roll format, made up of easy to tear off pads. Typically white in colour.

The second type of sorbent is the GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PAD, which unlike the OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS, can absorb BOTH oil and water. Each pad absorbs about 1 litre of oil and water (in total) and they are also available in rolls if required. Typically grey in colour.