Solvent Wipers

The TIDDOX® industrial range of solvent wipers are lint free, solvent resistant (will not break down when used with solvents) and highly absorbent when used to wipe all types of fluids including paint, oil, inks, solvents, grease and chemicals.



Not any old cloth will work effectively in wiping down solvents. Some fall apart due to the strong chemical agents and others are not made to absorb such liquids. As such TIDDOX has its own category of Solvent Wipers. These are cloths and wipes that will not fall apart when used with solvents. Typical tasks where such a wiper is involved with solvents is painting, or printers cleaning heads and inks, or cleaners using window cleaners, or mechanics wiping oils or using degreasers in a workshop environment, or any other task where a strong, durable solvent wiping application is required.

Traditionally, rags were used for such challenges. And they still are a popular option, particularly in panel beaters and workshops. They are made of used recycled tshirts, which by nature are very absorbent, and are quickly able to absorb spills of oils and fuels, or other types of solvents. Also the WHITE T-SHIRTS, show up dark solvents easily, and don’t leave marks that may run from COLOURED TSHIRT, so they are also popular for certain tasks where a general coloured tshirt rag is not appropriate. WHITE COTTON RAGS are popular with painters as they absorb solvents and have no dye in them that may run. All TIDDOX rags available in either 10kg bags, 5kg bags or 1.5kg bags.

Since rags were first introduced as solvent wiping materials, there have been technology developments that have seen engineered wipers introduced. These are specifically absorbent materials mixed together to produce a designed product, that is consistent in nature and feel, and effective designed to enhance the performance of the traditional rag. An example of such an absorbent comparable cloth would be the orange SUPERMAX CLOTHS. Similar pads are the OIL ABSORBENT PADS or its grey GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS.

When asked which is the best wipe with solvents, TIDDOX has 5 favourites, all of which are lint free or low linting, namely:-






The SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are hand sized white wipers, that have dual textured sides, smooth one side, and slightly abrasive the other. Great for surface preparation and work well with solvents.

The INDUSTRO WIPES are fantastic with glass, mirrors, surfaces that require a lint free cloth to polish and leave a streak free finish. Of a decent large size, these smooth, non-abrasive cloths do an excellent job in applying solvents to surfaces. Also used as beauty salon lint free cleaning cloths and as beauty school cleaning wipes, as well as used as tattoo wiping cloths due to their lint free material and ability to work well with inks and as solvent wiping cloths.

The JUMBO RHINO ROLL, is a tough, strong and durable industrial wiper that works with most solvents and its thickness lends itself to more heavy duty solvent wiping tasks. Presented in a blue colour and a jumbo roll format comprising 475 sheets per roll. This same solvent wiping material is also presented in a white colour in a box dispenser format, containing 160 solvent wipes per box - INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES.

The WHITE RHINO ROLLS are made from polyester and polypropylene and show up dark solvent colours, so are popular with any workl involving inks, such as printing wipes, signwriting wipes, grease and oil wipes. This lint free cleaning cloth is perfect for use with solvents.