Commercial Cleaners Cloths

TIDDOX® commercial cleaners cloths are made to be tough, durable and absorbent to meet the needs of commercial contract cleaners where superior strength and absorbency are required. A better quality wipe at a cheaper price!



Commercial Cleaners use a mix of commercial cleaning cloths and industrial cleaning wipes. They are looking for effective, long lasting wiping cloths, that are not only high quality but also competitively priced, and as such, the TIDDOX wipers are specifically designed with these requirements in mind.

As part of its Commercial Office Cleaning wipes range, TIDDOX supplies a range of low lint cloths and lint free wipers, preferred as they provide a streak-free polished finish to surfaces. The INDUSTRO WIPE , is a LINT-FREE WINDOW CLEANING CLOTH and can also be used to give a streak-free polish to windows, glass, as well as stainless steel equipment and other metal surfaces. Available in commercial bulk packs of 300 wipers, these wipers will not fall apart when used with solvents, such as window cleaner or equipment cleaning solvents, and will absorb most chemicals and cleaning agents. If you are looking for a smaller solvent wiping cloth, try our SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES made from the same lint free material and available in cartons containing 6 packets of 50 wipers. The MICROMAX is also a very popular and great value low linting cleaning cloth for lint-free wiping of glass, cleaning computer screens, and wiping down desk surfaces.

For General Purpose Cleaning, TIDDOX also offers commercial cleaning cloths that are used as MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING CLOTHS . The most economical is the 300M CLASSIC JUMBO WIPES ROLL , comprising 600 perforated sheets (30cm x 50cm) per jumbo roll, which are torn off from from a floor dispenser - Ideal for commercial cleaners looking for economical wiping solutions. Equally economical but in a smaller sized 56m roll are the CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL , made up of 125 highly absorbent perforated sheets per roll. For heavier cloths, we offer a PREMIUM range of flat pack and rolls headed up by the PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY 45M ROLLS OF WIPES . Other flat packed versions in the PREMIUM range are the PREMIUM-300 CLOTHS and the PREMIUM-600 CLOTHS . The PREMIUM range is made of equally absorbent material, but heavier and stronger making them more durable and longer lasting. These general cleaning cloths are colour coded which allows them to be used as either kitchen cleaning cloths (Green) or as toilet cleaning cloths (Red), the colours clearly denoting and separating kitchen cloths from washroom cleaning cloths.

Commercial Cleaners often are faced with large floor spills that need a fast acting, highly absorbent material to soak up the liquid quickly. TIDDOX has manufactured an Extra Large Shammy cloth specifically for these situations, called the ORANGE XL SUPERMAX SHAMMY . These FLOOR CLEANING CLOTHS are designed to be able to absorb vast amounts of liquid quickly and hold that liquid until rinsed out. The Extra Large size of 60cm x 50cm covers a large surface area and each cloth has a high performance capability due to their extreme effectiveness and high absorption capacity. They are economically bulk packed, and are washable and reusable. Made from the same material containing high concentrations of viscose are the hand sized MAXI WIPES . These general cleaning cloths are colour coded which allows them to be used as either kitchen cleaning cloths (Green) or as toilet cleaning cloths (Red), the colours clearly denoting and separating food wiping cloths from washroom cleaning cloths.

Traditionally, many commercial cleaners have used COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS or WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS . However, Commercial Cleaners are quickly realising that there are significant COST SAVINGS to be had from switching from TEXTILE CLEANING RAGS to manufactured wipers, such as OMNIWIPES . Not only are these engineered wipers roughly half the price of cleaning rags, they are better designed and so more effective, more consistent, cleaner and easier to transport and store. Without the wastage associated with inconsistent recycled cleaning cloths, OMNIWIPES represent a lower cost in use wiping solution.

For Commercial Cleaners looking for INDUSTRIAL CLEANING CLOTHS , TIDDOX has a great range of hardy durable wipers, from blue "RAG-ON-A-ROLL ("ROAR") , to RHINO WIPES, either the JUMBO BLUE RHINO ROLL , the WHITE RHINO ROLLS , or the INDUSTRIAL RHINO "POP-UP" BOX both of which are highly effective in wiping tasks involving solvents, oils or grease. For a wet wipe solution to remove grease and graffiti, try our CITRUS WET WIPES Orange Peel