Healthcare Cloths

TIDDOX® healthcare cloths are supplied into hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, aged care facilities, child care centers and schools. Many are also colour coded to prevent cross contamination of germs resulting in safer, cleaner and healthier environments.



Healthcare Cloths are supplied into Aged Care, Child Care, Schools, Medical Facilities and a range of other healthcare establishments. The leading wipes product supplied into healthcare are the TIDDOX OMNIWIPES , white soft cloths, highly absorbent and ideal for swabbing and patient care.

Other residential care cleaning cloths include our colour coded surface cleaning spunlace cloths, such as the CLASSIC WIPES , which are very economical cost effective wiping option in either a 30cm x 60cm sheet format ( "CLASSIC-300" ) or a 45cm x 60cm sheet format ( "CLASSIC-450" ). Alternatively, this range of wipes is also offered in a 125 sheet 51 meter roll format ( "CLASSIC WIPES-ON-A-ROLL" ), representing excellent value for money. TIDDOX also offers its rest home cleaning cloths in a heavier duty material called HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM "WIPES-ON-A-ROLL" , which have the same high absorption capacity, but are thicker and heavier than the CLASSIC RANGE making them stronger and more durable. The PREMIUM range of retirement village cleaning cloths is available in either a 30cm x 60cm sheet format ( "PREMIUM-300" ) or a 60cm x 60cm sheet format ( "PREMIUM-600" ). Alternatively, this range of wipes is also offered as a 45M HEAVY DUTY ROLL" , made up of 90 antibacterial treated cleaning cloths.

The MAXI WIPES are smooth and soft, similar to sponges in so far as they are fast absorbing cloths that are popular with residential retirement villages as adult care cleaning cloths. These colour coded aged care cleaning cloths are used for a variety of different wiping tasks across the aged care home. Similarly, the colour coded nature of these cloths, as well as their soft texture and quick absorption capacity, makes them also very popular in child care activities where they are used as day care centre cleaning cloths and as school cleaning cloths. If you are looking for a larger version of these nursing home cleaning cloths or family day care cleaning cloths, then the ORANGE SUPERMAX XL WIPES will provide you with greater absorption and a much wider surface area.

As part of its healthcare cleaning cloth range, TIDDOX has a specially made hygienic white coloured hospital cleaning cloth called the OMNIWIPES . These hospital wipes are treated with extra binder so that they are low linting and are composed of above average amounts of viscose to ensure a highly absorbent wipe, with each packet containing 50 starched white wipes. Also used as laboratory cleaning wipes.

Healthcare equipment cleaning is best done using a low lint or lint free wiper, such as the TIDDOX, INDUSTRO CLEANING WIPES . There are a number of other similar low linting wipers that are popular healthcare cloths, such as the baby blue MICROMAX , a pack of 10 non abrasive smooth wipes. For tougher wiping challenges, the low linting WHITE RHINO ROLLS are 220 perforated wipes-on-a-roll that are strong, durable and absorbent. The "Big Daddy" of the RHINO ROLLS is the JUMBO BLUE RHINO ROLL , 151 meters in length, perforated every 31.5cm to give 475 easy taer-off thivk, absorbent wipers, ideal for use with solvents, grease and stubborn grime.

To ensure the safety and health of residents in aged care facilities, clinics and hospitals, high levels of hygiene need to be maintained, and this extends to the cleaning cloths and wipes used in these facilities. Disposable wipers are more and more popular in healthcare as disposing reduces the risk of cross-contamination of germs and bacteria wiped off surfaces in washrooms, toilets, kitchens, and around the residential care home. Examples of economical disposable wipers include "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" . There are 200 perforated easy to tear off sheets on each roll, and not only are the wipes strong and durable owing to the web netting layered within the 4-plys of paper, but they are economical and able to be easily disposed of after use. Also available in WHITE "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" . If a re-usable cloth rather than a disposable wipe is to be used, they must be disinfected, washed, laundered and stored in a dry area, so as to kill any bacteria that are collected in the cloth during use.

Reusable Cloths should be colour coded (red, green, blue and yellow cloths), with each colour representing a certain location or task so as to avoid cross-contamination between areas and/or tasks. Staff should not use the same cloth to clean multiple areas, for example, a red wiper used to clean toilets should not end up in the kitchen, and similarly a green cloth designated to kitchen tasks should not be used to clean washrooms. Colour-coded cloths help manage the risk of cross-contamination by identifying which cloths are used to clean different locations.

TIDDOX® products have been colour coded to ensure that these items are not used in multiple areas or for different tasks, therefore reducing the risk of cross-infection resulting in safer, cleaner and healthier environments. 

  • Green - Kitchen Areas:  Food preparation and food service areas, as well as bar areas.
  • Blue - General Cleaning: Low risk cleaning (such as dusting, glass, mirrors, windows).
  • Red/Pink - Bathroom Areas: High germ areas (such as restrooms, floors, toilets, urinals).
  • Yellow - Low Risk Areas: Low risk infection applications (such as sinks, counters, washroom surfaces) and specialty applications.