Hospitality Cloths

TIDDOX® supplies a number of cleaning wipes and hospitality cloths into restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes and hotels. These hospitality cleaning wipes are also used by the catering industry and the food processing industry. The attraction of the TIDDOX hospitality wipes is that they are made to a high standard using commercial grade thickness and absorbency so they are effective in performing wiping tasks, and available at competitive prices with friendly service. 



TIDDOX supplies the Hospitality industry with a wide variety of commercial cleaning cloths and commercial cleaning wipes, both reusable cloths and disposable wipes, so as to ensure healthy and hygienic environments. TIDDOX supplies a range of disposable wipes on a roll and in flat pack format. The TIDDOX Premium disposables wipes on a roll are very economical and perforated for easy tearing and disposal. Through treating these cloths with antibacterial agent further inhibits the growth of bacteria on the disposable cloth / wipe. TIDDOX disposable wipes are designed for general purpose surface cleaning, and are strong, durable and absorbent, available in a range of colours and thicknesses.

From hotel cleaning cloths and motel cleaning fabrics of various sizes, as required, to also supplying smaller independent businesses with guest house cleaning materials, resort cleaning cloths and hostel cleaning wipes. Depending on the required thickness, the hospitality cleaning wipes are offered as either Heavy Duty Wipes or as Medium Duty Wipes.

TIDDOX also supplies eateries with general cleaning cloths, be it restaurant cleaning wipes, pub cleaning cloths, bar cleaning wipes, tavern cleaning materials or cafes cleaning surface cloths. TIDDOX has various counter cleaning cloths, including the CLASSIC MEDIUM DUTY "WIPES-ON-A-ROLL" or the much thicker PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY "WIPES-ON-A-ROLL" .

One of the biggest challenges to businesses in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, pubs, hotels etc is preventing instances of salmonella or food poisoning, which occurs when germs and bacteria, such as E Coli or staphylococcus aureus, contaminate food that is then prepared and served. Whilst there can be many causes of this in a professional kitchen, one area is dirty cleaning cloths, which play host to infectious agents, especially if cloths left wet, and are spread from one surface to another spreading harmful bacteria. It is important to properly disinfect kitchen wipes that are reused, by rinsing them in bleach twice a day to sanitise them. In term of reusable wipes options, TIDDOX supplies COLOUR CODED MAXI WIPES , and COLOUR CODED "WIPES-ON-A-ROLL" . Wipes treated with an antibacterial agent inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria and thereby extend the life of the reusable wiper. Colour coding helps ensure that the same cleaning wipe is not used in multiple areas or for various purposes, thereby spreading germs. It is recommended that Green cloths be used in the kitchen area and that different colour coded cloths should used outside of the kitchen area, such as in washrooms and bathrooms, or to wipe down and clean tables and bar counters. TIDDOX has specifically colour coded its hospitality wipers into green, red, blue and yellow for this hygiene standard.

With disposable cleaning cloths, color-coding is no longer an issue as wipes are used for one purpose and then thrown away, disposing of any germs on the cloth. For those wishing to find a disposable cleaning wipe for their kitchen, TIDDOX supplies a range of disposable, cost effective wiping options. These hygienic wipes come in perforated sheets on a roll, such as the BLUE "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" , and the WHITE RHINO ROLLS . If a roll option is not preferred, these heavy duty RHINO WIPES also come in a portable pull out carton format, with 160 wipes per box, call the INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES" . For high usage kitchens looking for an economical easy disposable high performance wiper, the TIDDOX CLASSIC GREEN JUMBO ROLL is well suited, comprising 600 tear off disposable wipes (30cm x 50cm), dispensed from a floor dispenser stand.

For cleaning of glasses, windows and plates in restaurants and hotels, a streak-free finish is best achieved using low lint wipes of lint free cloths. For windows we recommend the low linting INDUSTRO WIPES , which can be used with window cleaner and other solvents. For polishing glasses the MICROMAX is very popular because of its smooth non-abrasive surface.

For removing grease and grime from kitchen appliances and surfaces, as well as solvents and oils, TIDDOX supplies its heavy duty, thick and durable BLUE RHINO ROLLS , comprising 475 embossed tear off wipes. A lighter version of this , is the WHITE RHINO ROLLS , a smaller hand sized medium duty version of the above, consisting of 220 hand sized perforated wiping sheets. Where an abrasive cloth would be more effective, the SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are smooth on one side and have a course texture on the other, for removal of more stubborn grease and grime. Other good grease removal wipes include the MELTBLOWN DEGREASING WIPES , in jumbo roll of flat pack format, and the TIDDOX INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES , in pop-up canister format

Our coffee coloured cleaning cloths are popular as barista coffee shop cleaning cloths. In addition to coffee cleaning cloths and espresso cleaning cloths, TIDDOX also supplies restaurant colour coded wipes such as Green wipes, Yellow wipes, Red wipes and Blue cleaning cloths. This colour coding of wipes allows specific tasks to be allocated to specific coloured cloths, so as to prevent the spread of germs.

TIDDOX® products have been colour coded to ensure that these items are not used in multiple areas or for different tasks, therefore reducing the risk of cross-infection resulting in safer, cleaner and healthier environments. 

  • Green - Kitchen Areas:  Food preparation and food service areas, as well as bar areas.
  • Blue - General Cleaning: Low risk cleaning (such as dusting, glass, mirrors, windows).
  • Red/Pink - Bathroom Areas: High germ areas (such as restrooms, floors, toilets, urinals).
  • Yellow - Low Risk Areas: Low risk infection applications (such as sinks, counters, washroom surfaces) and specialty applications.