Industrial Cloths

TIDDOX® industrial cloths are specifically engineered materials to outperform traditional "Bags of Rags". Because textile rags are from scraps of recycled T-Shirt rags, they are not always consistent, whereas our industrial wipes are clean cut to a standard size, which makes them less bulky and cheaper to transport and store. Furthermore, through ensuring that the industrial wipers are manufactured from a pre-specified material mix, depending on the functionality required, and cut to a consistent thickness and size, we are able to reduce wastage and offer a more effective product. This results in a lower cost in use, task focused product, and a more effective wiping solution. 



The design and manufacture of Industrial Cleaning Wipes has advanced significantly in recent years and more and more users are now shifting from traditional “Bags of Recycled Rags” to more modern engineered wipers, many of which are designed as cost effective, single use disposable products. The advantages of using industrial wipers over a bag of rags are that they are specifically designed with a task in mind and represent a hygienic, consistent, high performance product. Industrial Cleaning Cloths vary from lint free equipment cleaning materials and polishing fabrics to engine cleaning cloths and engine oil absorption pads to general cleaning rags. As an industrial wipers specialist, TIDDOX strives to provide the very best wiping solution for the task at hand.

Because most industrial tasks require heavy duty cleaning materials that will be tough enough for the task, TIDDOX introduced its RHINO WIPES range, specifically designed to be STRONG, DURABLE and ABSORBENT. The RHINO RANGE is offered as an alternative to X50, X70 and X80 products. Our blue "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" is made from strong reliable 4-ply paper tissue strengthened by a scrim nylon webbing in the middle to ensure that it holds together well. As these products do not tear easily, we have perforated the sheets of every roll to reduce wastage, resulting in 200 easy to tear off paper sheets per roll. Rolls are 24.5cm high and roll out to 70m in length and are available in either a white or a blue colour. If you are looking for a similar sized, low lint, solvent resistant product, but heavier and thicker in texture, we recommend the WHITE RHINO ROLLS which is made up of 220 easy to tear sheets wrapped on a roll that is 22.5cm high and rolls out to 83m in length. The largest, heaviest wiping material in our offering is the BLUE JUMBO RHINO ROLL , made up of 475 perforated blue industrial grade sheets on a jumbo roll over 150m in length, great with applications involving solvents, oil or grease. If blue's not your colour and you prefer this thick heavy duty JUMBO RHINO ROLL in white, then try out our INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES .

The above industrial cleaning products are also sought after wiping products because they are LOW LINTING properties. Other LINT FREE CLOTHS for engineering and industrial wiping tasks, are the INDUSTRO WIPE for large surface area wiping (and window cleaning) and the smaller SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES for wiping solvents, oils, fluid and grease.

We supply a range of textile recycled T-Shirt rags, both coloured and white, in either 10kg or 20 kg bags. However, if you are looking for cost savings and to minimise waste, then we would recommend you switch from BAGS OF RECYCLED WHITE RAGS and MIXED COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS to OMNIWIPES . These high performance spunlace materials are manufactured with mostly viscose materials, making them extremely absorbent, whereas rags on the other hand tend to absorb less, leading to excess waste. Furthermore, on a direct wipe versus rag comparison basis, a 30cm x 60cm OMNIWIPES cost approximately 40% less than a recycled coloured rag and about 60% less than a recycled white rag, so there is a real financial saving to be had, not to mention the freight savings of not having to transport and store bulky bags of rags.

The CLASSIC GREEN JUMBO ROLL is an ideal high use area industrial wiper used in engineering workshops preferring an economical general purpose wiper. Comprising 600 perforated disposable sheets, these highly absorbent 50cm x 30cm spunlace products are dispensed from a mobile jumbo roll floor dispenser stand which has a perforation blade. TIDDOX has a range of other spunlace products, packaged as either flat packed wipers or as rolls, and available in green, blue, red and yellow.

Often in industrial facilities there will be oil spills or a requirement to clean up oils or solvents. Whilst the BLUE JUMBO RHINO ROLL , INDUSTRO WIPE and SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES all mentioned above would be capable of such tasks, TIDDOX also offers DEGREASING WIPES , which are made of meltblown polypropolyne and excellent as an oil absorbent wiper or for lint free surface preparation before painting. These blue leopard patterned wipers are available in either sheet format or as DEGREASING JUMBO ROLLS jumbo rolls. In addition, we also supply oil spill cleanup pads, WHITE ONLY OIL ABSORBENT PADS and GREY GENERAL PURPOSE SORBENT PADS , which are also available in perforated roll format. An even more cost effective solution than the sorbent pads, are the thick Viscose Industrial materials, namely the YELLOW TITAN XL SHAMMY or the ORANGE SUPERMAX XL SHAMMY , available in bulk packs of either 150 or 200 sheets per carton. These are also great for wet floor cleaning due to their huge absorption capacity. Both of these Shammy products are available in a smaller hand sized version, called PREMIUM MAXI WIPES .

A relatively new product, but increasingly popular, are the TIDDOX INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES , a canister of 70 durable course textured orange sheets, in a citrus solvent, that is portable and easy to use. These course industrial sheets are formulated to remove grease and oil from tools and hands, as well as solvents, such as paints and graffiti from surfaces.

Applications for our range of industrial cleaning products are wide and varied, such as polishing and cleaning tools, equipment, machines, hands to absorbing fluids, chemicals, oil and solvents. There are also speciality products for delicate cleaning and courser products for more industrial tasks. Regardless of the task, as an industrial cleaning specialist, we strive to meet the demands of mechanics, car detailers, manufacturing businesses, commercial cleaners, logistics businesses, printers, painters - to name a few of the industrial users.