Medical Wipes

TIDDOX® medical wipes are used by medical faclities such as hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, aged care facilities and dental practices. Our healthcare cleaning cloths are available in white as well as other colour coded options, and cater for the needs of patients, children and the aged, whilst also offering lint free medical equipment cleaning cloth solutions.



Healthcare professionals require hospital grade medical supplies, including a safe and reliable range of medical cleaning wipes and swabbing cloths to clean surfaces, instruments and equipment. TIDDOX strives to meet these needs and keep healthcare facilities clean through constantly introducing new disposable medical cleaning products for quick, convenient cleaning in the medical and healthcare industry, in a manner that promotes contamination control and hygiene.

As part of its healthcare consumables range, TIDDOX supplies dental wipes to clean instruments and swab down chairs between patients. A popular product favoured by many dentists are the white OMNIWIPES , which are available in packets of 50, and are economical and disposable after use. Manufactured from a highly absorbent material, this product will rapidly absorb liquid spills, and collect dirt in its apertures, and is a cost effective disposable product that can be used to control the spread of germs. These general purpose cleaning products are also used in aged care facilities, child care centers, schools, hospitals and medical centers.

For LOW LINTING,, polishing of medical and laboratory equipment and instruments, including computer screens and other delicate surfaces, the MICROMAX is an effective and economical disposable microfibre wiping solution. This material is manufactured from a smooth microfibre fibre that is non-abrasive and highly absorbent. These baby blue coloured hand-sized sheets are available in convenient packets of 10. Although washable and reusable, they are effectively priced as a disposable product and packaged as a portable solution.

Another popular glass cleaning product are the low linting, non-scratch, microfibre lens cloth range that TIDDOX supplies. These microfibre cleaning sheets pick up dirt and dust, and are washable and reusable. Also popular with delicate cleaning tasks are the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS , which are ideal for cleaning glass, to avoid streaking or finger prints. Available in 15cm x 15cm size or jumbo 40cm x 40cm packs. These lint free products are also used by other professionals requiring an effective cleaning material for cleaning delicate items and surfaces.

Whether it is a general practice or a veterinary practice, often large spills occur and a fast absorbing cloth is required. The extra thick, orange CHAMOIS SHAMMY material is ideal for cleaning up urine mess and other animal wiping needs. The blue "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" is also another very popular veterinary wiper as it is strong and durable 4-ply tissue reinforced with a nylon scrim webbing. These heavy duty disposable paper towels are perforated providing 200 easy-tear off sheets and available in either blue or white, 4 rolls per carton.

Laboratories are especially interested in low lint clean room wipes, to avoid any unnecessary residue left after wiping hard surfaces. The INDUSTRO WIPES are ideal for effective wiping down large metal and steel surfaces, such as cabinets and trolleys. Not only are they low linting, they are also solvent resistant, so work well with chemicals and solvent cleaners. The SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are a smaller hand sized version, available in packs of 50, with a smooth texture on one side and a slightly courser texture on the other side.

Aged care facilities have a constant need to wipe and clean. Whether it is hand washing or general wiping tasks, there is a wiping solution for most hygiene applications. The TIDDOX CLASSIC WIPES range of cut sheets are colour coded to prevent cross-contamination of germs and bacteria, and are available in GREEN, BLUE, RED and YELLOW,. Colour coding helps reduce the risk of cross contamination and reduces the spread of bacteria between areas and tasks. Also available in roll format, CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL with perforated tear-off sheets, which are economical and disposable after use. For a thicker cloth, try the PREMIUM WIPES , which are also available in 45m rolls, HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL . As part of the spunlace range, TIDDOX also offer a 300M JUMBO GREEN ROLL , which requires a floor dispenser and comprises 600 perforated tear-off sheets, ideal for high volume disposable use.

Also available in colour coded format are the MAXI WIPES , a thick, highly absorbent, viscose cleaning product. These rayon wash cloths are used extensively in healthcare facilities, including aged care and child care and are excellent absorbers. Available in medium duty thickness ( CLASSIC MAXI WIPES ) or the extra thick PREMIUM MAXI WIPES .

Germs have a long lifespan and are highly prevalent in the healthcare industry, so it is important to keep equipment and surfaces clean to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria to other patients. Surfaces include floors, chairs, beds, bed rails, door knobs, common use equipment etc. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces should be done using TIDDOX's various disposable absorbent materials and disinfectants such as bleach. Washing hands and wearing gloves are also great preventative steps to controlling the cross contamination of germs from one surface to another. After cleaning, rather than washing and reusing cleaning materials, it is better to throw away disposable cleaning products (and the germs with them!) and thoroughly wash your hands. Cost effective cleaning solutions for the healthcare industry is an area in which TIDDOX specialises. It is a growing area and increasingly more and more technology is being introduced to more effectively reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in the cleaning process.

TIDDOX® products have been colour coded to ensure that these items are not used in multiple areas or for different tasks, therefore reducing the risk of cross-infection resulting in safer, cleaner and healthier environments. 

  • Green - Kitchen Areas:  Food preparation and food service areas, as well as bar areas.
  • Blue - General Cleaning: Low risk cleaning (such as dusting, glass, mirrors, windows).
  • Red/Pink - Bathroom Areas: High germ areas (such as restrooms, floors, toilets, urinals).
  • Yellow - Low Risk Areas: Low risk infection applications (such as sinks, counters, washroom surfaces) and specialty applications.