Bags of Rags

TIDDOX®supplies high quality recycled T-Shirt rags in 10kg bags. They are fully laundered and metal detected. These singlets serve as good general workshop rags, ideal for any task requiring a low lint, absorbent, general purpose wiper. Available in bags of white singlets or mixed coloured rags.

In addition, TIDDOX also offers various alternatives to the general purpose T-Shirt rag, in its manufactured range of industrial wipers. These include the less bulky, cost effective Omniwipes which are made from higly absorbent low linting material, through to the various industrial wiping rolls illustrated below.  



Recycled T-Shirts are a very popular industrial cleaning rag, as they are made from absorbent cotton cloth. Whilst there cannot be a "lint free rag", these heavy duty textile cleaning cloths can be described as low linting . TIDDOX supplies its T-Shirt cleaning rags in 2kg, 10kg and 15kg bags.

Cotton Tee Shirt Rags are commonly used as general purpose workshop cleaning rags, polishing rags or car wash rags. TIDDOX supplies both MIXED COLOURED TSHIRT CLEANING RAGS as well as WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS . These car cleaning rags are made up of reclaimed singlets, with the zips and buttons removed to avoid damage.

TIDDOX supplies cotton cleaning rags in Perth and cleaning rags into Adelaide, as well as across the east coast into mining camps, manufacturing facilities and automotive workshops. Whether you need T-Shirt cleaning rags in Sydney, cleaning rags in Melbourne or further north into Queensland, TIDDOX will ensure that you get the wiper rags you require.

Textile wiping rags can be a bit bulky, which adds to the cost of storage and freight. If you are looking for alternatives to traditional cotton rags, TIDDOX also has a range of cost effective manufactured industrial wipers on offer, such as the OMNIWIPES , which come in cartons of either 300 wipers or 600 wipers (packs of 50 cloths), or its INDUSTRIAL PAPER ROLLS .

Where the task requires a low lint wiper rather than a cotton tshirt rag, which can leave remnants of "fluff" or "lint", TIDDOX also manufactures specifically engineered low lint industrial wipers, such as INDUSTRO WIPES or the smaller sized, but same material, SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES . Also very popular for low lint tasks are the TIDDOX RHINO RANGE OF INDUSTRIAL WIPERS, manufactured from a polypropylene substance, namely the WHITE RHINO ROLLS (220 sheets of handsized lint free wipes per roll), or the more Heavy Duty BLUE JUMBO RHINO ROLL (475 large blue low linting wipers per roll) and the equally heavy duty INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES (160 large white low linting wipers per roll).