TIDDOX® has a broad range of Industrial wipes, both in sheet and roll format, made from durable woodpulp fibres. From the Industro Wipers (great for lint-free glass cleaning and equipment), or the Solvent Resistant Wipers (popular with painters and printers), or try our "Rhino Wipes Range", suited to industrial applications where superior strength and absorbency are required. 



TIDDOX Disposables supplies various industrial wipes, both in sheet and roll format. This range of woodpulp and polypropylene based wipes lend themselves to low lint applications, and have been manufactured to be especially resilient and durable to match the industrial and commercial tasks they are used for in a variety of industries, including commercial cleaning (glass/windows), hospitality, healthcare, as well as manufacturing, mining, engineering, printing, painting, oil and marine.

We have the very popular 70m RAG ON A ROLL made of 4-ply paper wipes with scrim reinforced netting,(in both blue and white).To reduce wastage each roll is made up of 200 perforated sheets for easy tearing. This is a highly absorbent paper tissue and the nylon webbing ensures that the wiper will not fall apart when wet. The durability of the paper wiper makes it a popular option in industrial tasks, and that fact that it is manufactured from a very low linting material, makes it ideal for cleaning glass, masks and machinery.

In addition, TIDDOX also offers a number of solvent resistant woodpulp blended wipes, which are tough and durable, and suited to industrial applications where superior strength and absorbency are required. The SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are hand sized and come in packs of 50 wipers. Made of a heavy weight woodpulp polyester blend, this wipe can be used with solvents such as paint, oil or grease, and will not fall apart, but absorb the solvents. These wipes are well suited to harder wiping tasks requiring elbow grease, and have a specifically designed course top side (complimented by a smooth underside for low linting wiping), to assist in removing stubborn grime.

For a larger version of the Solvent Resistant Wipes, try the INDUSTRO WIPES - these are made of the same material but are a much larger wiper at 45cm x 55cm and come packaged in cartons of 300 wipers. Smooth on both sides, these wipes are great for low linting tasks such as wiping down machinery or cleaning windscreens or wiping glass, leaving a streak free finish. A durable, reusable and highly absorbent industrial wiper.

The JUMBO HAND PAPER ROLL is a popular rag replacement cleaning wipe. It is used mostly in workshops and the 1000 perforated tissue sheets offer a economical wiping solution. The 3-ply tissue makes this a very absorbent wiper.

The RHINO ROLL WIPER RANGE is offered as a cost competitive, tough, durable wiping solution. The WHITE RHINO ROLL comprises 220 hand sized perforated sheets of strong, durable paper wipes, that are as absorbent as they are tough. Ideal for wiping solvents or as a rag replacement wiper, that is less bulky and very effective. If you are looking for something thicker and larger in size, the JUMBO RHINO ROLL will do the same job. This thicker, heavier wiper, is packaged either in BLUE (as a 475 perforated jumbo roll ) or in WHITE (in a pull out box format called INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES .

The JUMBO GREEN CLASSIC ROLL (300M) is a super sized green roll made from 600 perforated sheets (30cm x 50cm) of non-woven viscose rayon fibres. These highly absorbent, tough and durable wipes are ideal for an economical solution in a workshop of factory where high volume usage of disposables wipes are required. Floor stand and dispensers available.

The SUPERMAX is a large sized orange sponge like towel that that is recognised for its huge absorption capacity. This multipurpose wipe’s industrial capacity to absorb spilt liquids (& oils), makes it popular in factory and industrial environments, as well as with commercial cleaners, marine businesses, and in the transport industry. This SUPER LARGE ORANGE SHAMMY is versatile, washable and reusable and long lasting.