TIDDOX® has a range of lint-free wipes and low-lint cloths specifically designed for applications where it is important no lint residual remains after wiping. Ideal for tasks such as equipment cleaning and glass cleaning.



TIDDOX specialises in the provision of lint-free wipes and low linting cleaning cloths. What is a lint-free cloth? Lint free cloths are cloths that do not leave short, fine fibres from the cloth on the surface after wiping. This is particularly important when painting, wiping down equipment, or polishing glass, such as windscreens or windows. Which is the best lint free cloth? That will depend on the task, and outlined below are the various lint free cleaning cloths that TIDDOX supplies:-

TIDDOX LINT FREE PRINTERS WIPES are soft, non-abrasive wipes made from high quality, continuous polyester fibres that have been double-knitted in a no-run interlock pattern and had the edges laser sealed to prevent loose fibres making them very low in particle generation. These heavy weight wipes and laundered in a clean filtered EDI water system within a Class 10 cleanroom environment, and then double packed in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom to prevent contamination use in cleanrooms. The heavy weight gives this cloth a high absorbency capacity (over 400ml/sqm). These lint free CLEANROOM WIPES are ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as:

  • Cleaning ink build up on print heads and nozzels, inkjet heads, scanner drums, digital printing equipment, large format printers, flat bed UV printers, digital and optical media printers, and digital graphic art tasks
  • Computer Discs and monitors, including touchscreens
  • General wiping in ISO Class 5 & 6 cleanroom facilities;
  • Cleaning lenses, glass surfaces, stainless steel

The RAG ON A ROLL , sometimes referred to as ROAR PAPER TOWEL , is a low lint paper towel made up of 4-ply paper tissue wrapped around a scrim webbing to hold the paper wipe together to reduce residue linting. This is a very strong and durable industrial strength paper wiper available in a roll format comprising 200 perforated sheet (24.5cm x 35cm). Available in either White or Blue.

Another low lint paper towel, is the BLUE PAPER JUMBO ROLL > which is made up of 1000 sheets of 3-ply inter-glued paper tissue, ideal for industrial disposable wiping. This industrial blue paper roll is used extensively in workshops and by mechanics.

The INDUSTRO WIPES are a popular large surface (55cm x 40cm) non linting cloth. Made from a woodpulp polyester material, these lint free equipment cleaning cloths are very absorbent and ideal for cleaning equipment and wiping down print heads. Also, because they do not lint, they are also a great lint-free window cleaning cloth perfect for polishing windscreens, cleaning glass fences or window wiping. The SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are a similar lint free towel made of the same material, but at 38cm x 34cm are much smaller than the INDUSTRO WIPES .

For heavy duty industrial wiping, the "RHINO RANGE" OF CLEANING ROLLS are popular with tasks that are sensitive to lint or "fluff". This polypropylene based wiper comes in two EXTRA THICK, LOW LINTING Heavy Duty formats, (see JUMBO RHINO ROLL , a 475-sheet blue jumbo roll, and INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES , a white coloured version, dispensed from a pop-out box). Also in this material, is a Medium Duty roll, called the WHITE RHINO ROLL , a 220-sheet white centerfeed lint free paper towel.

For surface preparation or cleaning up an oil or greasy job involving chemicals or other solvents, another highly absorbent polypropylene wiper is the TIDDOX DEGREASING WIPER , used in low lint applications. These are available in both a jumbo roll format (see DEGREASING ROLL ) and in a packs of 50 wipes (see DEGREASING WIPES ).

OMNIWIPES are a general purpose, low lint cloth treated with extra binder, ideal in patient and aged care.

The MICROMAX is a soft lint free microfibre cloth designed for polishing and glass cleaning. This very absorbent lint free polishing cloth has a non abrasive texture and will give you a smooth lint free finish. Suited as a car polishing cloth. We also supply MICROFIBRE GLASS CLOTHS , ideal for low lint polishing tasks, and LINT FREE LENS CLOTHS , for more sensitive applications.