The TIDDOX® MicroMAX microfibre cloths are non-abrasive, absorbent and easily attract and remove all kinds of dirt, dust and bacteria from surfaces. The soft, lint free texture will not damage or scratch surfaces, so particularly suited to glass, windows and polishing. The cloth can be washed and reused several times, making it a very economical wipe.



Microfibre cloths are made from a mix of polyester and polyamide. The higher the polymide the higher the absorbency of the cloth.

Microfiber cloths are used extensively to clean glass, windows and mirrors, as well as polish surfaces as, not only are they highly absorbent, they also typically leave no fluff or lint after use. Furthermore, the weave of the microfiber cloth assists it in picking up dust particles, so they are often used in cleaning kitchen and bathrooms, and to wipe down surfaces, appliances and furniture. Typically used in conjunction with a cleaning spray or water.

TIDDOX offers a range of different microfibre cloths to meet the different wiping requirements.

Starting off with the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS , these are best suited to general purpose cleaning tasks. These cloths are available in a variety of colours, so this colour coding makes them popular with commercial cleaners, and in child care and aged care environments, where cloths are colour coded to specific purpose or areas.The GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS have a soft texture and are extremely absorbent. These all-purpose microfibre cloths are made from a thick non-scratch material allowing them to retain more dust and have a higher absorbency.

MICROFIBRE GLASS CLOTHS are premium quality cloths that have a smoother texture than the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS . Being non-abrasive and non scratch, and more suited to leaving a streak-free finish, they are used more in the cleaning and polishing of glass, mirrors and windows. Lint free finish. Washable and reusable. Can be used wet or dry, with or without chemicals.

For more delicate tasks, such as cleaning and polishing computer screens, televison screens, windscreens, glass, and applying solvents, the MICROMAX is a smooth, fine cloth.The MICROMAX has a smooth polished texture and easily attracts and cleans dirt from glass, ipad covers, computer screens, windcreens etc and comes in packets of 10 cloths.

For very sensitive applications where no lint is allowed, we recommend the TIDDOX LINT FREE LENS CLOTHS , specifically designed for sensitive applications, and available in a 15cm x 15cm hand size, as well as cut to larger 40cm x 40cm super sizes.