Printers Wipers

The TIDDOX® industrial range of wipers are suited to printing applications. They are lint free, solvent resistant (will not break down when used with solvents) and highly absorbent when used to wipe all types of fluids including oil, inks, solvents, grease, and chemicals.



TIDDOX has a range of highly absorbent and lint-fee wipes for the printing industry that are idea for cleaning, wiping and absorbing oil and ink spills.

PRINTERS WIPES are dust free wipes that are manufactured for cleaning delicate surfaces (computer discs, monitors, touchscreens, lenses, glass surfaces etc) and removing ink build up on ink jet print heads on large format printers, as well as most makes and models of digital printing equipment, including UV printers, digital and optical media printers or wipes for digital graphic artists. The continuous polyester fabric and double knitted construction of these wipes, which have sealed edges to prevent loose fibre release, makes them ideal for tasks where a lint free cloth is required. These lint-free wipes are soft in texture and their non-abrasive qualities makes them ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Manufactured to be heavy weight so as to be more effective and more absorbent than lower weight cleanroom wipes. Great care is taken to ensure that these wipes are low in particles and extractables by ensuring that prior to been double bagged in a cleanroom environment that are cleanroom processed and laundered, making them also suitable for use in critical environments.

A popular alternative printer wiper are the TIDDOX SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES , which have a course texture on one side and a smooth texture on the other, making this a versatile wipe for removing stubborn build up and also using on sensitive surfaces. This industrial wiper is highly absorbent and works well with solvents, such as grease, oil, ink and paint. The TIDDOX MELTBLOWN POLYPROPOLYNE WIPES are widely in the printing industry for preparation and degreasing of surfaces. Very strong and popular for general cleaning duties in a printing environment. These wipes fast absorb solvents, grease and oils need to be absorbed rapidly. Available either in packs of 50 sheets (12 packs per carton) or in a perforated jumbo roll. A popular alternative to the Polytex wipes.

The INDUSTRO WIPES are a woodpulp polyester blended lint free sheet that will leave no lint remnants to contaminate surfaces. These heavy duty printers wipes are tear resistant and highly absorbent. The portable carton contains 300 large wipers (55cm x 40cm) for controlled usage and cleaning of printing plates. Specifically engineered for use with all types of solvents and inks.

Equally lint free, is the hard wearing, heavy duty, low linting JUMBO RHINO WIPES range. As the name indicates, there industrial strength wipers are incredibly strong and durable making them ideal for more demanding cleaning tasks. An essential cleaning tool in any print room. These blue wiping rolls are suitable for cleaning with all ink types, solvents and chemicals. 1 Jumbo Roll Per Pack (32cm x 34cm x 475 sheets).

As part of this range of non-linting wiping rolls, there is also the WHITE RHINO ROLLS , are made from the same tear resistant material, but not as heavy in weight and as large in size. 4 Rolls Per Pack (22.5cm x 38cm x 220 sheets).

For removing grease, grime and adhesives from printers hands and from printing equipment, rollers, trays and plates, TIDDOX supplies its INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES . Each portable canister contains 70 pull out perforated wipes. These orange scented, pre-moistened wipes have a textured and smooth side and are a quick and easy way to clean hands and equipment in a print room. For delicate handling of tasks where it is important that no fibres are shed, TIDDOX supplies a range of microfiber lint free gloves. These can be used in conjunction with the MICROMAX smooth, non-abrasive microfiber cloths.