TIDDOX®supplies a many different types of wiping rolls, from the regular hand held 45m surface cleaning rolls, through to the much larger 300m jumbo rolls that come with a floor dispenser and are ideal for economical use in high traffic areas. We also have a number of industrial use paper and lint free rolls such as alternatives to X70 and X80 products, as well as our perforated 70m Rag-On-A Roll product which comes in blue or white.



TIDDOX’s Heavy Duty "Wipes-On-A-Roll" are suitable for both industrial and commercial use, being thicker and more absorbent than those produced for the domestic market.

The Commercial range of "Wipes-On-A-Roll" are thicker and more durable, hence better suited to heavy duty wiping challenges faced by businesses in the hospitality industry (clubs, pubs, restaurants, bars etc.) and the healthcare industry (aged care and child care). These colour coded wipes on a roll are perforated for easy tearing, and can either be disposed of, or washed and reused. Examples from this range are the PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS, 45 metre rolls that have 90 perforated wipes per roll, treated with an antibacterial agent that inhibits and slows the growth of bacteria / smell, and are made from extra thick absorbent material for superior absorption. The CLASSIC MEDIUM DUTY ROLLS, 56 metre rolls that have 125 perforated wipes per roll, representing a economical option that is just as absorbent as the heavy duty, but not as thick and heavy in weight.

The Industrial range of "Wipes-On-A-Roll" are thicker and more durable, hence better suited to heavy duty wiping challenges faced by businesses in the automotive, manufacturing and engineering industries, where grease, oils, fuels and other solvents require wiping up or absorbing. For high usage in workshops, the "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" and TIDDOX's industrial Jumbo Rolls are popular with their tear off disposable wipes, available in either the 300 meter CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL, or the 380 meter JUMBO PAPER ROLL. If you are looking for something more durable the blue heavy duty JUMBO RHINO ROLL or the white heavy duty INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES are excellent low lint industrial wipes made from tough polypropylene material, and super absorbent of solvents or as a surface preparation material. The WHITE RHINO ROLLS are made from the same substances, but a medium duty version, and more suited to tasks requiring a colourless low lint industrial wiper.