Wiping RAGS

In addition to wipes and cloths,TIDDOX® also supplies a wide range of environmentally friendly, metal detected rags suitable for industries including: Automotive, Mining, Industrial, Engineering, Marine and others. 

rhino rags

Our environmentally friendly, metal detected RHINO RAGS include:-

  • Recycled Coloured T-Shirts (10kg or 5kg)
  • Recycled White T-Shirts (10kg or 5kg)
  • Recycled Fleecy (Coloured Cotton Fabrics)

The textiles are washed and recycled, and then screened through a metal detector to ensure any metal, such as zips and buttons, is removed.



TIDDOX is an importer wholesaler of industrial cleaning rags, wipers and cloths. Our RHINO RAGS, are environmentally friendly, meaning that they are cut from unwanted clothing that has been washed and cut to size, such as T-Shirts, linen, fleece, tracksuits, dresses, cotton shirts etc. They are also safe to use, having been screened and metal detected to ensure unwanted metals such as zippers and buttons have been removed prior to packaging. Packaging is available in either 5kg or 10kg compressed cubes.

Recycled textiles are a great general purpose wiping cloth that is very cost effective, absorbent and low linting.

As a cleaning rag supplier, we cater for the needs of all industries, including:-

  • Mechanical cleaning cloths suited to absorbing grease, oil, fuel spills and other industrial cleaning tasks
  • Manufacturers rags that can clean machinery and equipment, and other general purpose wiping requirements, including gun cleaning rags. These industrial wiping materials are compress packed in 10kg bags.
  • Automotive workshop cloths, such as cotton singlets, which are the best cleaning rags for high volume usage in panel beaters, car washing detailing or car lots. As they are relatively low linting, they are ideal for use as window cleaning rags.
  • Painters cloths, which are the white painters rags so no dyes run into their cleaning tasks. These reclaimed textiles can be used with solvents and are available in most paint shops
  • Printers cloths, which also prefer white recycled T-Shirts as they are ideal with solvents, clearly show up ink and do not run dye from the T-shirt
  • Miners Rags, typically supplied in bulk bales for high volume usage in mining areas.
  • Marine and aviation cloths, which prefer white cotton T-Shirts as these are a lighter, absorbent reclaimed wiping material.

Traditional textile materials, cut from used clothing, have long been a favourite general purpose cleaning rag in automotive, industrial and marine workshops. The TIDDOX RHINO RAGS are cut from soft and absorbent washed, recycled T-Shirts. These knitted cottons are non-abrasive and available in mixed coloured bags or white only bags. All fabrics are metal detected to ensure that the materials are free of unwanted metal objects.

There are a variety of recycled towels available, including:-

  • MIXED COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS (recycled coloured singlets which are soft and very absorbent). These are the most popular, economical type of workshop rag. A low linting rag with high absorbency characteristics.
  • WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS (white recycled singlets). For tasks where a colourless rag is required, such as when solvents are used. These cotton blended recycled T-Shirt materials are very absorbent and ideal for polishing tasks.
  • MIXED COTTON RAGS (reclaimed soft cotton fabrics, such as polo shirts and windcheater). A high volume budget rag, known as FLEECY. This rag is made up of a mix of medium and light coloured cotton recycled materials.
  • WHITE COTTON T-SHIRT RAGS (a light, soft rag from sheets, business shirts etc)
  • FLANELL RAGS ( low linting, high quality, soft polishing rag)

All of the above are cut from metal detected soft knit materials that are highly absorbent.