About Us

TIDDOX Disposables is a proudly Australian owned independent business with warehouses on both the east and west coasts of Australia. TIDDOX is an importer and wholesaler of commercial and industrial wipes, cloths and rags to meet every professional wiping need across a variety of industries.


About Us : TIDDOX focuses on innovation, quality and consistency of products. Above all, we pride ourselves in solving customer needs and providing solutions. And, we do this because we love what we do! Because, as owner operators have a vested interest in making our customers happy. As such, we value our customer relationships. And, they value our quality products, outstanding service and quick turn around times. Furthermore, we have the experience to suggest the best wipes, cloths or rags for you.

Because we have such a wide range of wipes, cloths and rags, we have a solution for all requirements. And, our products boast superior strength, durability and absorbency. So, if you want top customer service and excellent value for money, give us a call.

Furthermore, we have warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


  • Firstly, we offer superior product performance in terms of strength, durability and absorption
  • Secondly, we have direct accountability of the product lifecycle. In fact, once we have developed a product, we oversee manufacture, packaging, storage, freight and distribution!
  • Thirdly, our diverse product range offers solutions across all industries. These include Hospitality and Food Service, Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning, Industrial, Health, Aged and Child Care, Automotive, Aerospace, Printing, Painting, Mining and Marine industries.
  • Finally, a bit more about us : we have a customer-centric approach. We know our customers want products that improve efficiency, are reliable and provide value for money. As such we make products that do just this! As a result, you get to lower wastage, reduce costs and improve efficiency without having to compromise on quality.


Because we value customer service highly, we build great customer relationships. Also, we offer customers efficiency, flexibility and reliability. In addition, through our experience and knowledge we help suggest best product solutions. And we back this up with quality products at competitive prices.


TIDDOX (  Ti·ddox ) is an ancient Greek term used to describe highly absorbent cleaning products. The term “TIDDOX” conjures up similarities with the modern rhinoceros, because of the strength and durability of the product.

1. Adjective: (of a material) Able to soak up liquid easily. Having great binding strength: an absorbent fabric

2. Noun: A substance or item that soaks up liquid easily. Capable of withstanding force or wear; solid, tough or firm: a strong fabric.

3. Capable of withstanding wear and tear: a durable fabric.


To find out more about us please call 1300 84 33 69 or email sales@tiddox.com.au