50 wipes per pack  12 packs per ctn • 600 wipes per ctn 

Colours: White

    • Multipurpose, versatile, white cloth that is highly absorbent and used in many industries 
    • Soft to the touch - its texture and absorbency makes it ideal for use in aged care, healthcare, dentistry, patient care and drying instruments
    • Also used in other industries such as hospitality, automotive, industrial, painting and printing sectors as a white rag replacement
    • Super high absorbency due to its 90% viscose content
    • Quality cloth with superior performance
    • Convenient portable packs of 50 cloths


PRODUCT CODE:   (W) 1-30025


One of the challenges in searching for disposable wipes for any industry is the affordability. If you find a wipe that is absorbent and soft enough to drape across surfaces or use on skin, it is usually a laundered product and too expensive to throw away. Enter OMNIWIPES....

OMNIWIPES are white, disposable cloths with a 90% viscosity rate! This not only makes them perfect for childcare wipes and elderly care cloths, but also for industries that deal with ink, paint, and chemicals. The white colour clearly shows the absorption of various liquids and gels. And, once the cloth is saturated, simply throw it away!

The prefix “Omni” means “everything” or “all-inclusive,” and that’s just what you get with the OMNIWIPE. You get a cloth that can be used on everything. The ubiquitous “white rag” has a new name, and it functions better than ever.

Don’t you hate it when you soak up a spill and the rag drips all the way to the trash can? Now, you not only have the original mess to finish cleaning, you also have multiple mini-messes. And, heaven help the person who steps in one of those spots and tracks it through the shop or Emergency Department. You won’t have that problem with OMNIWIPES. These super absorbent cloths pull the fluid into the fibers and lock it in, preventing the spread of all manner of fluids, from urine or blood to paint and oil. While some wipers simply smear thicker fluids,OMNIWIPES soak them up.

OMNIWIPES are used in a variety of industries for a wide range of applications, some of which are presented below:

Industrial Wiper

As an industrial wiper, OMNIWIPES are the clear leader. While they are far more absorbent than the typical white rag, they take up much less room and are easier to transport and store. In fact, a portable pack of 50 INDUSTRIAL OMNIWIPES takes up far less room than a bag of 50 rags. They are low linting, so you can use them to clean and shine machinery with fine tolerance. They are capable of handling a variety of viscosities, too.

Automotive Cloth

Mechanics and the ubiquitous “rag” just go together. However, OMNIWIPES are on a quest to break through that stereotype and become the leading rag replacement. OMNIWIPES have such a high viscose content (90%) that they can actually soak up semi-solids such as grease. Furthermore, solvents, brake fluid, and oil are handled with ease .........and the best part? You can throw the mechanic rag away.

Car Care Cloth

For the Valet industry, there is no better “white rag” than OMNIWIPES. As a white rag replacement, OMNIWIPES can soak up liquids quickly without streaking, yet evenly distribute wax when you are detailing a car. This low-lint cloth will shine windows and mirrors, then soak up a spill on the floorboard.

Hospitality Wiper

The hospitality industry goes through millions of towels a year. How about trying a hospitality wiper that can do everything? Wouldn’t that be easier than stocking an assortment of towels, then having to decide which to use? The high viscosity rating means OMNIWIPES are invaluable in the kitchen because they will soak up anything that is not a solid. But, they are soft enough for housekeeping to shine mirrors or for the bar-back to shine glasses.

Healthcare Wipe

It can be hard to find a cloth that can be used on a patient’s skin but is tough enough to scrub a mess. OMNIWIPES are here to do just that. The healthcare industry is finding this to be a multipurpose wiper that makes sense.

Medical Cleaning Cloth

The medical community is discovering that OMNIWIPES are one of the best multipurpose medical cleaning cloths on the market. Super absorbent, they can retain far more fluid than most cloths. And, They can soak up even thicker, more viscous fluids.

Painters Cloths 

OMNIWIPES can handle any solvent, turpentine, oil or paint you throw at them. These are soft, absorbent, and strong wipes, perfect for painters. 

Printers Wipes

Printers enjoy the convenience of the portable bags of OMNIWIPES over the more expensive and bulky white rags, which are not as consistent in absorbency or size. 

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