MEDICAL JUMBO RHINO ROLL (31.8cm x 34cm)  
475 perforated wipers per roll 151m Roll 

Colours: Blue

  • Thick, low lint wiper used to clean medical equipment.
  • Also useful maintenance wiper as absorbs oils and solvents
  • Heavy weight, tear resistent woodpulp polypropylene material 
  • Hygienic disposable wiping solution
  • Economical - low cost per wipe
  • Floor dispensers available
PRODUCT CODE:     6-X8022-JR


One of the main consumables used by medical organisations, hospitals, dentists and even veterinary clinics are their medical cleaning supplies, to ensure cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene. For hygienic reasons the preference of medical facilities is always for disposable consumables rather than those that can be reused, because by disposing of an item, any contagious germs that might have been picked up are disposed of with that item as well.

When it comes to medical heavy duty wipers, the same principle applies and as such JUMBO RHINO ROLLS were specifically manufactured for demanding cleaning tasks with this disposable requirement in mind. These wipers have the added advantage of being manufactured from strong, durable material that is not flimsy or will easily tear, and is very low linting and super absorbent - making them the ideal choice when it comes to hygienic disposable medical wipers.

The fabric from which these wipers are cut from is incredibly thick and absorbent. It is mostly comprised of large quantities of concentrated wood pulp which, combined with its heavy weight, gives the JUMBO RHINO ROLLS their incredible absorbency capabilities. Each individual wiper is able to dry or soak up a good amount of liquid.

The other component of the material is polypropylene, which makes the fabric hard wearing and tough. As such, the 151m JUMBO RHINO ROLL has perforations every 32cm, to ensure easy tear-off of each of the 475 wipers and also standard sizes, which reduces wastage and cost. Furthermore, the rolls are portable, which allows this bulk package of wipes to be stored and moved around a medical organisation easily to where it is required. The jumbo roll can be kept on a table for ready access or dispensed from one of the floor dispensers that are available.

The applications to which this medical wiper can be applied are numerous and varied from indoor areas such as reception, waiting rooms, surgeries, cafeterias and recovery rooms to outdoor locations such as hospital patios and maintenance areas. They can be used to dry medical instruments, wipe down stainless steel equipment and polish glass monitors in one department, whilst another department would use them to clean up oils, chemicals and solvents, and yet another department would use these disposable wipers to mop up body fluids such as urine and blood. Because they are extra thick and contain strong polypropylene fibres, they will not fall apart when wet, so are durable and safe enough to perform these challenging tasks before being disposed of. They also work well with water and detergents to clean or polish surfaces such as wood, glass, metal and plastic. 

The advantage of bulk buying 475 wipers on a roll is that it is an economical way to purchase medical wipes, reducing the cost per wiper considerably, which is important to the medical budget when choosing a disposable consumable. Stocking up on these durable hygienic cloths and medical disposable wipes provides an affordable option for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

So, if you are looking for a hard working, strong, tough and absorbent disposable wiper to help maintain a clean and healthy environment in medical facilities, look no further than the thick and durable JUMBO RHINO ROLL wipes, and enjoy the cost savings and the quality benefits that these strong, low linting, wipers provide!

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