220 wipers per roll  22.5cm x 38cm 4 Rolls per Carton 

Colours: White

  • Low lint, centerfeed, white roll used in medical and veterinary practices as an economical, hygenic, disposable wiper 
  • Each roll consists of 220 easy to tear perforated sheets 
  • Very absorbent surface wiping product that absorbs liquids and oils, as well as polishes glass and stainless steel 
  • Strong polyproylene material that works well with cleaning agents
  • Very economical and cost effective
  • Portable or wall mounted options (dispensers available)
PRODUCT CODE:     6-X7025-PR


With the high traffic of people coming in and out of medical facilities every day, there is a high exposure to germs and bacteria in organisations such as hospitals, dental practices and medical clinics. As such it is imperative that medical professionals observe the highest standards of cleanliness and proper hygiene at all times to reduce any risk of cross contamination of germs that might make other people sick.

One of the best ways to control this risk is to ensure that through education and training the medical staff are aware of the potential risks and that they regularly clean their hands, surfaces and instruments with good quality wipes, and then dispose of these cloths after wiping thereby immediately disposing of any germs or bacteria that might have been picked up in the wiping process. This practice of throwing used wipes away after use significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination between areas. WHITE RHINO WIPES are good quality white disposable wipes that meet this demand in the medical industry. 

Made of from a mix of highly absorbent woodpulp and strong polypropylene material, and wrapped in a centerfeed roll containing 220 perforated easy tear-off wipes, the WHITE RHINO ROLLS are reliable medical wipes that can be used to clean up even the most challenging spills, including urine and vomit. They have great absorbent properties and are useful counter wipes, or to clean medical equipment or hands. Being a disposable product they can be discarded after use, and a new clean sheet torn off the roll for each new wiping task.

Because of their low linting smooth surface, these cloth are excellent for polishing and cleaning medical surfaces and not leaving a lint trail behind after use. The non-abrasive texture of the material means that they can be used to clean glass, medical tools and equipment, without leaving any scratches or lint behind.

The versatility of this cloth means that it can be used in a variety of medical organisations, from hospitals cleaning surfaces, glass, monitors, and hands to dentists using them to dry dental instruments. The white colour of the wipes allows them to show up dirt easily, which allows medical professionals in dental clinics, surgeries and veterinary clinics to keep ahead of the dirt and keep their practices clean.

The roll format of these WHITE RHINO WIPES is the most cost effective option, suited to organisations with budget pressures that are unwilling to compromise on quality.

The rolls are small and convieniently portable, so they can be distributed around an organisation, kept on desks for easy access or mounted in the wall dispensers that are available.

So if you are not already using the WHITE RHINO ROLLS in your medical organisation and you are looking for a cost effective, but good quality wiper that is absorbent and will not fall apart easily, grab a few rolls and extinguish germs with these disposable medical cloths and keep your environment safe and hygienic! 

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