1000 perforated sheets per roll  36.5cm x 35cm (350m) 

Colours: Blue

  • 1000 disposable easy tear-off paper towels suited to high traffic areas in medical organisations looking for cost effective wipes
  • 3-ply paper tissue, glued and micro embossed for increased absorption capability and tensile strength
  • Perforated sheets
  • Dispensers for floor and wall available
  • Economical cost savings per wipe
PRODUCT CODE:   (B) 6-67022-JR


Medical care providers have a lot of messes to clean up. There is not one aspect of medical care that doesn’t deal with bodily fluids at some point. What you need is a medical wiper that is strong enough to use for scrubbing, absorbent enough to handle any fluid – or semi-fluid – the human body can muster, and inexpensive enough to throw away. TIDDOX’s MEDICAL PAPER TOWELS are specially designed to provide you with all of these features you want in a medical wiper, packaged in a jumbo roll format of 1000 tear-off wipers.

Tough Medical Wipers

Our medical disposable paper towels are tough enough to keep up with you. They are thick, with 3 layers of cellulose tissue that have been glued together. After these medical wipes are constructed, they are then also micro embossed for extra strength. Those aren’t just pretty patterns on those paper towels – the embossing helps to keep the layers of tissue together, overall enhancing the strength of the towel. You can scrub up dried feces with these towels without worrying about them coming apart. Soak one with cleaning solvent – it can take it. These are also low-lint medical wipers, so you can use them on equipment as well. You won’t have any worries about bits and pieces staying behind to gum-up tolerances or mar surfaces.

Absorbent Medical Paper Towels

One of the greatest needs in a medical paper towel is that it can absorb ANYTHING. The TIDDOX MEDICAL PAPER TOWEL JUMBO ROLL can do just that. The viscosity rating of these towels is specifically designed to grip and hold anything from applesauce to blood or feces. Now, you can wipe up a mess and carry it to the hazardous waste container without drips and smears. It seems like those drips from medical wipers with poor absorbency make a bigger mess than the one you cleaned up. These absorbent medical paper towels will absorb up to capacity, then hold onto the liquid.

Disposable Medical Cleaning Cloths

Keeping track of medical wipers is time-consuming and frustrating. Just because something CAN be laundered doesn’t mean it SHOULD be laundered – right? TiIDDOX has economically priced these disposable medical cleaning cloths to remove the guilt of throwing away a useful item. With 1000 perforated sheets on ieach roll, there are great cost savings through this bulk packaging format. You get the strength and absorbency of cloth medical wipes, but they are priced so that you can afford to toss them in the bin when you are finished. No more counting cloths for the laundry, or pre-washing, then washing, then folding, then putting away…TIDDOX has fixed all of that with this simple roll of medical wipes.

Try our EXTRA STRONG, TEAR RESISTANT MEDICAL PAPER TOWELS! Once you do, you won’t want regular medical wipers again. Works well in the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER, too, which keeps this mighty roll of paper towels handy to any workspace.

Besides paper towel rolls, TIDDOX also has a spunlace CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL, popular in hospitals with commercial cleaning staff. The nurses also love the patient wiping OMNIWIPES, which are also worth considering.