1000 perforated sheets per roll  36.5cm x 35cm (350m) 

Colours: Blue

  • Replace paint bag of rags with a bulk 350m jumbo roll of 1000 disposable general purpose paint cleanup wipes, and save money, storage and freight
  • Clean brushes, hands and equipment with these convenient, low cost paper towels
  • Tear off sheets from the dispenser, use and throw away
  • Very absorbent, multiple layered paper tissue wipers glued and micro embossed
  • 3 strong thick layers glued together for additional strength


PRODUCT CODE:   (B) 6-67022-JR


Painters often find that cleaning up after themselves is not easy. Not only do you have to clean up spills, but those spills themselves may also cost you big with clients who don’t want their flooring damaged. That’s why you need this great painter's rag replacement. TIDDOX’s PAINTERS CLEANING PAPER ROLL can replace every painters’ rag in your toolbox. These painters’ paper towels are tough and absorbent and – perhaps the best part – they are disposable!

Tough Painters Paper Towel Jumbo Roll

TIDDOX understands the struggle. You need a painter’s rag that will absorb paint, but that will also hold together for those tough scrubbing jobs. Our painters rag replacement is made of 3-ply cellulose. This means that it is tough, but that isn’t all! The 3-ply structure is glued together, and then embossed. Those are not just pretty patterns on those painter’s paper towels. That embossing pattern bonds the three layers together so that the towel doesn’t tear apart as soon as it gets wet. You can wet this painter’s rag down with solvent and then scrub the baseboards or paneling, and the rag won’t come apart.

Absorbent Bulk Wipes on a Roll

Painters deal with a lot of different viscosities of liquids. Latex paint, oil-based paint, gel stains, liquid stains, acid etching, all require different absorbency qualities from your painter’s wipes. Our PAINTERS PAPER TOWELS ON A ROLL are perfect for all of that. The triple-layer, glued and embossed paper towels are super absorbent, gripping liquids and semi-liquids with ease. We’ve all experienced it – we take a cloth and scoop up a blob of gel stain or half-dried latex paint, and the stuff drips all the way to the bin. Then, someone else – usually a witless helper, steps in it and tracks it everywhere. TIDDOX has designed this painter's rag replacement to grip and hold the mess. The super-absorbency means no more drips or squishes that make a bigger mess than the original.

Affordable Disposable Painters Paper Towels

Use these TIDDOX disposable painters paper towels as a painters rag replacement. You can use them to clean your brushes and equipment, and then toss them away. You’ll save money in the long run, because these paper towels are priced to be worth it. Painters cloths are not nearly as absorbent as these paper towels, and they often leave lint or bits of fabric behind. Our painters rag replacements are tough and absorbent, and they don’t have to be laundered! You no longer have to keep track of your painters rags and pay to have them laundered, or spend valuable time to launder them yourself. You can simply dispose of these painters paper towels when you are done with them.

Order our bulk wipes on a roll, with 1000 perforated sheets. You can even keep them in a central location with the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER.

If you still need cloth rags, try our PAINTERS WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS. Or, try out our PAINTERS CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL, which is also super-absorbent and scrubbing-tough, or for more heavy duty tasks the PAINTERS JUMBO RHINO ROLL will give you the durability, absorbency and strength for even the toughest of tasks!