NEWS | Aged Care Disposable Wipes & Reusable Cloths

Because residents in hospitals, clinics and aged care facilities are more susceptible to infections, cleaning needs to be at the highest standards of hygiene, to ensure the health and safety of the residents. This duty also needs to be carried out within the economic constraints of the aged care home’s budget.

NEWS | Car Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning the exterior and interior of your car, requires the correct cleaning cloth to avoid unwanted scratches or damage to the vehicle surface. Here are the recommended automotive cleaning wipes suited to specific valeting requirements….

NEWS | Cleaning Cloths for Childcare Centres

Ongoing routine cleaning and disinfecting of childcare centers, creches and schools is essential to maintain a healthy environment and prevent the spread of infectious diseases, particularly given that they are often crowded with children in close contact, who are still developing their immune systems, and germs and micro organisms are capable of surviving on surfaces for days, weeks and even months.

NEWS | Colour Coded Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX cleaning cloths are available in different colours for the purpose of ensuring the separation of cleaning cloths for different areas. In Australia, there are over 5 million cases of foodborne illness every year, causing 1500 hospitalizations and 10 deaths each month, approximately 2 million lost days off work, 1 million doctor appointments, and hundreds of thousands of antibiotic prescriptions.

NEWS | Disposable Wipers are the New Rags

Manufacturing and engineering firms, automotive, printing and painting companies, and the mining and oil and gas industries use TIDDOX Disposables’ industrial wiper range.

NEWS | Dispose of Germs with Disposable Wipes

Dispose of Germs with Disposable Wipes. Unwanted bacteria is everywhere. It lurks on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, door knobs, chopping boards and seats. Even dish cloths contain approximately 4 billion living germs! When it comes to cleaning these contaminated surfaces disposable wipes are the answer. Wipe off the germs, throw away the disposable wiper, and get rid of the germs!

NEWS | Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Rags and Cloths

As Mother Earth’s resources become scarcer, it is more important now than ever that we conscientiously recycle and reuse, where possible, and this applies to the cleaning rags that we use.

NEWS | Industrial Grade Jumbo Rolls

TIDDOX Disposables, the industrial wiping solutions company, continues to set new standards in industrial cleaning. TIDDOX has introduced a range of industrial wiper jumbo rolls ideal for use in a variety of applications and industries including, manufacturing, fabrication, automotive, transport, aviation, printing, mining, maintenance, marine, food and beverage processing.

NEWS | Restaurant Disposable Cleaning Cloths

To prevent food poisoning, it is recommended that restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels and professional kitchens get rid of dirty dish cloths and only use disposable cleaning cloths, because reusable cloths hold on to, and spread, harmful bacteria.

NEWS | Which is the Best Cleaning Rag to Use?

Like death and taxes, spills are inevitable! The question is, will any old wipe, cloth or rag do?

NEWS | Which is the Best Lint Free Cloth?

Is there such a thing as a lint-free cloth or wipe? The answer is that whilst many products claim to be “lint-free”, a more accurate description would be “low linting”.

NEWS | Wipes for the Printing Industry

An ongoing challenge of every commercial and industrial printing press or pressroom environment is keeping it lint free. Using lint-free and low-linting disposable wipes is a recognised practice in the industry, but within this category, there are a number of different types of suitable wipes, cloths and rags, depending on the task or application.