NEWS | Aged Care Disposable Wipes & Reusable Cloths

Because residents in hospitals, clinics and aged care facilities are more susceptible to infections, cleaning needs to be at the highest standards of hygiene, to ensure the health and safety of the residents. This duty also needs to be carried out within the economic constraints of the aged care home’s budget.

NEWS | Car Cleaning Cloths

To make life easier, you need good quality car cleaning cloths to cleaning the exterior and interior of cars. Besides, using the correct cleaning materials will avoid unwanted scratches or damage to the vehicle…..

NEWS | Cleaning Cloths for Childcare Centres

Cleaning cloths for childcare centres are an important consumable. Why? Because, surface cleaning and disinfecting is essential to maintain a healthy environment. And, to prevent the spread of germs you need an ongoing supply of good quality cleaning cloths. Also, in childcare centers, creches and schools children spend time together in close contact. So, germs spread quickly, especially in young children. Furthermore, germs survive on surfaces for days, weeks and even months.

NEWS | Colour Coded Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX’s colour coded cleaning cloths help separate cloths for different areas. Why is this important? Because, it helps prevent the spread of germs between areas. In fact, there are more germs than you can imagine! In Australia, we have over 5 million cases of food poisoning every year! And, of these, 1500 cases end up in hospital each month, resulting in 10 deaths a month. Moreover, germ infections cause 2 million lost days off work a year. And, 1 million doctor appointments (that’s a lot of prescriptions!).

NEWS | Disposable Wipes are the New Rags

Manufacturing and engineering firms, automotive, printing and painting companies, and the mining and oil and gas industries use TIDDOX Disposables’ industrial wipes range.

NEWS | Eco Friendly Cleaning Wipes

Mother Earth has started demanding that we recycle and reuse more. Hence the growth in demand for environmentally friendly cleaning rags and cloths

NEWS | How do you dispose of germs with disposable wipes?

How do you dispose of germs with disposable wipes? Unwanted bacteria is everywhere. It lurks on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, door knobs, chopping boards and seats. Even dish cloths contain approximately 4 billion living germs! When it comes to cleaning these contaminated surfaces disposable wipes are the answer. Wipe off the germs, throw away the disposable wipes, and get rid of the germs!

NEWS | Industrial Grade Jumbo Rolls

TIDDOX Disposables, the industrial wiping solutions company, continues to set new standards in industrial cleaning. TIDDOX has introduced a range of industrial jumbo rolls wipes ideal for use in a variety of applications and industries including, manufacturing, fabrication, automotive, transport, aviation, printing, mining, maintenance, marine, food and beverage processing.

NEWS | Restaurant Disposable Cleaning Cloths

To prevent food poisoning, use restaurant disposable cleaning cloths. Besides the cost savings, they also offer a hygienic way to dispose of any wiped up germs. Whereas reusable cloths hold on to, and spread, harmful bacteria.

NEWS | Which is the Best Cleaning Rag to Use?

Like death and taxes, spills are inevitable! The question is, will any old wipe, cloth or rag do?

NEWS | Which is the Best Lint Free Cloth?

Is there such a thing as a lint-free cloth or wipe? The answer is that whilst many products claim to be “lint-free”, a more accurate description would be “low linting”.

NEWS | Wipes for the Printing Industry

An ongoing challenge of every commercial and industrial printing press or pressroom environment is keeping it lint free. Using lint-free and low-linting disposable wipes is a recognised practice in the industry, but within this category, there are a number of different types of suitable wipes, cloths and rags, depending on the task or application.

NEWS | Looking for Lint-Free Printing Wipes?

Looking for lint-free printing wipes? It only takes one small bit of lint to ruin an entire run, leaving you rooted and probably in trouble with the client. The last thing you need is a print wipe that dissolves as soon as it contacts inks or solvents. That leaves you with dog’s breakfast that takes even longer to clean up.

NEWS | Which are the Best Wipes for Pharma?

Which are the best wipes for Pharma? Pharmaceutical organisations tend to prefer sterile cleanroom wipes. Cross-contamination can ruin years’ worth of work and foul delicate instruments to boot. TIDDOX has sterile cleanroom wipes made under rigorous standards that any big pharmaceutical company can depend on

NEWS | How Much More Would You Pay for Eco-Friendly Wipes?

As the world takes action to reduce single use plastics, such as straws, TIDDOX is anticipating the impact this will have on wipes in due course. As a major wipes manufacturer, TIDDOX has a focus on providing disposable cleaning wipes, without harming the planet. To this end, it is dedicated to producing sustainable, eco-friendly products.