Car Cleaning Cloths


To make life easier, you need good quality car cleaning cloths to cleaning the exterior and interior of cars. Besides, using the correct cleaning materials will avoid unwanted scratches or damage to the vehicle. For example, professional auto detailers use a variety of car cleaning cloths. Together with wax, glass cleaners, chemicals, solvents, and water.


So, below we have outlined some car cleaning tips and suggestions of superior shiny finish!

Firstly, detailing begins with high pressure spraying of water to clean the car exterior surface. In fact, such a wash should be done weekly, depending on use and weather exposure.

Secondly, wipe down the outside of the car using a bucket of soapy water and a chamois shammy. For instance, start from the top and work down. Why the SUPERMAX? Because, these thick, soft cloths absorb loads of liquids like a sponge and will not scratch the paintwork. Once soaked, rinse the car removing the dirt and soap from the surface.

Thirdly, use a blower, wash mitts or MICROFIBRE CLOTHS to dry the outside of the vehicle. In fact, you could use MAXI WIPES as they are also soft, highly absorbent and won’t scratch surfaces.

Fourthly, use the INDUSTRO WIPES with a 50% alcohol and 50% distilled water mix to remove thick grime and dirt off the windscreen. Not only are they large (40cm x 55cm), but work well with cleaning chemicals to clean windshields.

Fifthly, polish the windscreen with MICROMAX CLOTHS for a perfect, spotless finish! Not only can they be used to polish windscreens, but also  for polishing interior dashboards, screens, glass, mirrors and wood panels. The MICROMAX  is a soft, lint free, polishing cloth. Another option to clean and wipe down leather seats, is the OMNIWIPE. It’s apertures pick up dirt particles, and it has very high absorbency.

Finally, apply wax to the exterior of the vehicle


However, we now need car cleaning cloths to clean the rims and tyres. To remove muck and grime from splash guards, metal hub caps and wheels, you’ll need a tough wipes. For example, the WHITE RHINO ROLL, which has a smooth lint free texture. These wipes can be used with solvents such as car cleaning chemicals and degreasers. If cleaning under the hood, where there may be grease and oil to wipe down and clean up, we recommend the JUMBO RHINO ROLL. Thick, blue, oil absorbent automotive wipes suited to such tasks. Also, you may wish to use the more economical 1000 sheet 3-ply JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLLS.

So, the above car cleaning cloths will make life easier next time you clean the car. In addition to these tips, avoiding parking in areas that might damage the vehicle. And, regularly clean your car and wash, wax and polish it. Not only will this make it look great, but also protect it from the weather erosion. Also, it maintains the resale value of the vehicle!

TIDDOX supplies a range of car cleaning cloths, valeting cloths and car detailing cloths. Specifically designed to maintain vehicles, and used by professional detailing and valeting companies.

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