Cleaning Cloths for Childcare Centres


Cleaning cloths for childcare centres make up a huge part of the daily consumables. Why? Because, surface cleaning and disinfecting is essential to maintain a healthy environment. And, to prevent the spread of germs you need an ongoing supply of good quality cleaning cloths. Also, in childcare centers, creches and schools children spend time together in close contact. So, germs spread quickly, especially in young children. Furthermore, germs survive on surfaces for days, weeks and even months.


Moreover, we find germs spread most in three or four distinct areas. Firstly, desks, computers and toys remain a high touch zone. Secondly, bathroom areas naturally have lots of germs. And finally, kitchens and food preparation areas need special attention when it comes to cleaning surfaces. Accordingly, to prevent the spread of germs, childcare centers should use disposable wipes or COLOUR CODED CLEANING CLOTHS.

And, where possible we suggest dedicating a certain colour cloth to each area. For instance, green, blue, red or yellow. Why? Because this colour coding system helps prevent the spread of germs from one area to another. For example, use only green cloths in the kitchen or food preparation areas. In addition, use only red coloured wipes in bathroom areas. As a result of implementing such a system, this will limit cross contamination of germs on the cloth from one area to another.

Red – Toilets, bathrooms, nappy-changing surfaces
Green – Kitchen & Food contact surfaces
Blue – General Cleaning, low risk areas
Yellow – Special or Isolation


Whether cleaning, sanitising or disinfecting, MAXI WIPES offer a super absorbent, sponge like, soft cloth. Furthermore, you can wash and reuse them many times. And, these cloths can absorb and carry up to 8 times their own weight! If reused, then disinfect and machine wash them on a hot cycle at the end of each day. Next, they must be well dried after washing, to eliminate any moisture in the cloth. As a result of these steps, the growth of bacteria and fungi on the cloths will be limited.

MAXI WIPES measure 40 cm x 38 cm. For a larger floor pad, try the SUPERMAX (60cm x 50cm), which is ideal for mopping and wiping of floors where large amounts of liquid need to be absorbed.

TIDDOX also supplies a range of colour coded surface wipes, which come in both a roll and sheet/pack format. The TIDDOX PREMIUM ANTIBACTERIAL HEAVY DUTY ROLLS provide 45 m of easy-tear disposable perforated cloths

The flat packed sheets come in green, blue, red and yellow. All TIDDOX SURFACE WIPES are available in both medium duty and heavy duty.

As cloths used for cleaning pick up microbes and germs, in addition to colour coding, the best way to dispose of the germs is to use disposable cloths, so that any contamination is thrown away at the end of each day.

So if you want cleaning cloths for childcare centres, contact TIDDOX.

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