Disposable Wipes are the New Rags


CAR CARE RHINO WIPES POP-UP BOXMore and more businesses realise that disposable wipes are the new rags. These include industrial firms, printing, automotive and painting companies. TIDDOX offers both rags and wipes. But we see a clear trend towards the disposable industrial wipes range.

Why are industrial wipes better than rags? Firstly, they offer a less bulky, cost-effective solution. Secondly, they get made specially for industrial tasks. For example, lint free wipes. Thirdly, they offer greater consistency in performance. And finally, they are more hygienic and easier to freight and store.

Why Disposable Wipes are the New Rags

The table below shows the main differences between wipes and rags.



New, clean and hygienic Used, may contain foreign objects
Consistent, standard size and shape Inconsistent size, shape and texture
Less wastage, more economical Higher wastage; not all cloths suitable
Flat-packed Bulky packaging
Less solvents, chemicals required Higher solvent consumption
Low Linting Not low linting
Lower cost in use: Each wipe costs less per unit and per sqm Higher cost in use: Each rag costs more per unit and per sqm

Jumbo Paper Towel Roll RAG ON A ROLL

Ultimately, wipes offer a better value proposition, offering cost savings and minimising waste, whilst providing a more effective wiping solution!

However, the transition has been due to education and training. In fact, once users see how the wipes work compared to rags, they get won over.

And, everyone wants to save money, right? Hence, with a lower cost-in-use, wipes win hand down. In fact, with wipes you use less solvents and chemicals. Besides better performance, these added costs savings seal the deal.

Because of their design, industrial wipes outperform rags. For example, wipes can get made with high viscose or cellulose. We can engineer more or less absorbency this way. We can also make them have less lint if required. And so on and so forth. Whereas rags on the other hand are what they are. You get what you get, i.e. inconsistent absorbency, cut and size. As a result, rags can lead to excess waste and cost.

Furthermore, packaged wipes take up less space than bags of recycled rags. And, this of course leads to freight savings and takes up less storage space.

However, the main benefit of wipes has always been their consistency. Because rags get recycled from scrap materials, they cannot all be of the same consistent standard, shape or size. Equally, wipes ensure that the user gets no inconsistencies that could lead to problems.

We all know that there is a lot of wastage with recycled rags found in each bag, with many not usable or appropriate. Furthermore, with rags, hygiene cannot be guaranteed. And, although we make sure all our rags are metal detected and safe to use, but not all rag suppliers take these precautions. Whereas industrial wipes have task-specific performance attributes.

Besides Rags, TIDDOX’s industrial wipes range includes:-

–  the LintNIL Wipes for industrial cleaner and solvent applications
–  the Industro Wipes for lint free/low lint applications
–  Industrial Jumbo Paper Workshop Towels (paper, spunlace, solvent resistant) that use floor and wall dispensers
–  the Jumbo Rhino Rolls and White Rhino Rolls, which offer a tough and durable alternatives to Wypall X50 ROAR, X70 and X80

Jumbo Rhino Roll

Nevertheless, the shift continues as more businesses recognise that disposable wipes are the new rags. In fact, we see more and more industrial businesses switching from rags to task-focused engineered industrial wipes.

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