Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Rags and Cloths

As Mother Earth’s resources become scarcer, it is more important now than ever that we conscientiously recycle and reuse, where possible. There is a necessary trend to incorporate recycled products into our daily lives, particularly those that contain materials that consume significant energy to produce, and generate unwanted carbon emissions, such as polyester.

To this end, textiles, such as T-Shirts and singlets, are made from a blend of cotton and polyester fabric, with the latter more often than not representing the majority of the mix. By recycling these soft knit materials into rags that can be used as cleaning cloths in automotive, industrial, engineering and marine industries, we are able to help sustain the environment by reducing unnecessary energy consumption, waste in landfills, and emissions.

Once washed, and cut to size, reclaimed T-Shirts are very absorbent and make excellent cleaning rags. They are strong, durable and absorbent, which is the strap line to TIDDOX’s “Rhino Rags”. They can be used with cleaning chemicals and are relatively low linting in nature. But most of all, they are very economical and so are ideally suited to high usage tasks. The most common rag is the mixed coloured recycled T-Shirts, which is a superior rag to common cotton materials such as shirts, dresses, sheets etc, which is the budget rag of the industry. For cleaning and wiping tasks involving solvents, a white T-Shirt rag is often preferred, but due to the cost of sorting, white recycled T-shirt rags are scarcer and more expensive than mixed coloured T-Shirt rags.

The rags are normally cut to approximately two palm sizes in dimension and compress packed into 5kg, 10kg or 15kg bags, referred to as “Bags of Rags”.

As the rags are recycled clothing, prior to packaging they are scanned through a metal detector machine so as so identify and eliminate any unwanted metal objects that may have been left on the clothing, such as zips or buttons.

Another low cost alternative to rags, that is also environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled woodpulp fibres, is the TIDDOX “Rag-On-A-Roll”. This is a wiper that is manufactured as 200 perforated sheets of 4-ply scrim reinforced cellulose tissue. This is more suited to one-off disposable wiping tasks.

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