How do you dispose of germs with disposable wipes?


How do you dispose of germs with disposable wipes? Unwanted bacteria is everywhere, so dispose of germs with disposable wipes. It lurks on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, door knobs, chopping boards and seats. Even dish cloths contain approximately 4 billion living germs! When it comes to cleaning these contaminated surfaces disposable wipes are the answer. Wipe off the germs, throw away the disposable wipes, and get rid of the germs!



  • Phone receivers hold more germs than any surface . Phones have more than 25,000 germs per square inch
  • Desktops have almost 21,000 germs per square inch
  • Desktops, keyboards, and light switches are on the workplace top germ-covered list
  • The kitchen sink is another place with the many germs, much more germs than the washroom!
  • Toilet seats only have an estimated 49 germs per square inch!
Germs love moist areas. The dish cloth is often moist and damp and hence a haven for germs. To counter this risk of contamination, disposable wipes are ever more popular. They represent a cost effective alternative to damp cloths.

In healthcare, the fight against germs is leading the demand for disposable wipes. This demand is strongest in hospitals and aged/child care environments. According to the WHO about 5–10% of patients catch their infection in the hospital. Anything that can be done to mitigate this risk, is encouraged. Disposable wipes and cloths are an obvious choice. Wall dispensers increase the convenience of this type of cleaning product. They make it easy to tear off wipes to clean hands, instruments and surfaces.
In the fight to dispose of germs with disposable wipes discuss your requirements with an industry expert. Get hold of a wipes and cloths specialist, such as TIDDOX, to discuss your requirements. They have a wide range of convenient and cost effective wipes to deter germ cross-contamination. And, they have warehouses across Australia and a team of experts waiting to assist you!