Looking for Lint-Free Printing Wipes?

Looking for Lint-Free Printing Wipes?

Looking for lint-free printing wipes? It only takes one small bit of lint to ruin an entire run, leaving you rooted and probably in trouble with the client. The last thing you need is a print wipe that dissolves as soon as it contacts inks or solvents. That leaves you with dog’s breakfast that takes even longer to clean up.

Increased downtime, bigger messes, and unhappy clients are just the collateral damage. Often, damage to your equipment is very real.  Garbage on an imaging cylinder or plate can etch the surface before you catch the problem. A stopped-up printer nozzle can be damaged beyond repair. The cost of re-printing a full run combined with the costs of down-time and equipment repair cause many Australian printers to turn to TIDDOX lint-free cloths for maintenance. We have a full line of cloths durable enough to stay together when you use them with solvents. Clean up an ink spill with one of our cloths, and you’ll carry the entire mess to the bin without going berko cleaning up drips and smears. And best of all, you’ll have clean printing surfaces that give you the product your clients expect. Here’s how you can have a lint-free print run.

Choosing a Lint-Free Printers Wipes

Choosing lint free wipes for printers can be confusing. This is mostly because some manufacturers have a rather liberal definition of “lint free.”

Looking for lint-free printing wipes is not easy. You want to find fabric that does not generate fibres and particles. Often, the more you use a cloth, the more fuzz it leaves behind. This is usually the experience people have with terrycloth and rags. These fabrics generate debris and fray easily. This can make them very absorbent but can be disastrous for the print room.

Other wipes are low lint producers, but not very absorbent. These wipes have their place in just about every shop, but can’t be counted on in an emergency to absorb spills or polish surfaces.

Another shortcoming with many cleaning cloths is the edge. Edges tend to frizz, which of course is counter to your needs in the print room. So, look for wipes that have a sealed edge or hem. This helps reduce the chance of a ragged edge catching on your tools or work surface and creating a bigger problem than when you started.


Choosing Absorption Rates

It is not easy to find a truly absorbent cloth that doesn’t leave behind lint and fibres. The best lint free wipes for printers will be somewhat stretchy but tough. They won’t tear easily but can drape around equipment to give it a thorough cleaning. A heavy cloth often absorbs more fluids and gels and locks them into the fibres so that messes don’t spread.

POLYSOFT WIPES are ideal for the print room. Heavyweight, flexible enough to fit into into small areas, but not at all abrasive. This makes cleaning print heads easy. You can be sure you’ve cleaned off any goop without leaving debris behind to cause other problems.

Looking for Lint-Free Printing Wipes with Good Absorption Rates?

Absorption rates with cleaning wipes vary according to the purpose. Some wipes are designed to polish, and therefore have little absorption ability. Other print wipes catch thick grease or gel, but may not grip less viscous liquids. Still others will absorb spills quite well, but fall apart when they come in contact with certain chemicals or solvents.

Look for polymide content like you would find in these Lint free MicroMAX Cloths. These super-absorbent wipes are washable and re-useable. Used in labs to clean finely tuned equipment, because they don’t generate fibres or lint. Being super absorbent, these print cleaning wipes will make it easier to clean off your print equipment and prepare it for the next run.

Absorption means that not only will the wipe soak up a liquid or gel, but it will hold on to the fluids as well. When you find a good print cleaning wipe, you can soak it with solvent that dissolves inks, gels, and grease without dissolving the cloth, too. Soak the Micromax Cloth with solvent and clean those print heads and you’ll find that it performs double duty – it not only applies solvent to the dirty area, it will also absorb the dissolved liquids without smearing. It’s a great way to scrub print areas clean without having to worry about leaving a mess behind.


Ok, this is really just another term for janitorial cleaning. But as a printer, you know that your shop has to run almost like a medical clean room, right? The wrong solvent can ruin delicate equipment, so you have to avoid cross-contamination. You also have to make sure that messes get cleaned up promptly, with the right materials, to keep the problem from spreading and getting tracked throughout the work space.

For large spills, you need an absorbent wipe that clings to the fluid or gel. Higher viscosity liquids are often harder to clean up because they smear. That is where TIDDOX’s Printers INDUSTRO WIPES can save the day. High-viscosity cloths, ideal for grease and gel, gripping them both and trapping the errant fluid in the fibres of the cloth.

These large sized polyester cellulose wipes are big enough to use under machinery that is leaking. The fibres lock in the fluid and keep it from seeping out and creating a safety hazard. Maybe the best part, though, is that the saturation point is so high that you can soak up a truck load of leaky substance and carry it to the bin without drips.


What about those tight areas that get gummed-up? They can ruin a print run with tiny little flaws that aren’t picked up with a casual scan. These FOAM CLEANING SWABS have double heads to provide for twice the use. Clean delicate printer nozzles and print face with these swabs without making a bigger mess than when you started.

These swabs absorb all kinds of chemicals and liquids. They’re also safe for use in applying said chemicals and liquids. Effective swabs popular in many laboratory settings as well as in electronics work.

Another necessity in the print room is the ability to assemble parts and set print without leaving stray bits of fuzz or even fingerprints on the inked surfaces. LINT FREE COTTON GLOVES allow you to handle delicate surfaces while still maintaining a firm grip. This is another item often used in clean rooms and areas that use finely-tuned instruments and reflective surfaces. These gloves can keep your print surfaces free of fingerprints without irritating latex allergies. You’ll have full dexterity with these cotton gloves. Assemble and disassemble your equipment without leaving behind any trace of lint fuzz, or oily prints. These gloves also allow you to clean off surfaces with corners that might snag a cleaning cloth.

Biodegradable Wipes

You can actually find biodegradable wipes for the print room. These LINT FREE M3 WIPES are fully disposable and completely biodegradable. They have no binders in them, nor do they have additives. Soft cloths you can use on more delicate surfaces, such as tools and print heads, but for larger areas such as work benches and floor-spills.

These lint-free print head cleaning wipes have a continuous weave that keeps down the amount of lint and frizz. With cellulose construction, these wipes also boast heat resistant and produce no static. You can use these wipes in your print room without any worries about contaminating print surfaces or smearing messes around.

A clean print room is an efficient print room. Nobody likes to clean, but you know full well that if you stay on top of messes, everything runs smoother. Arm your employees with the right equipment to make cleanup effective, and you’ll find they are more willing to take care of problems before they become catastrophes.

You want absorbent, strong cleaning cloths that will keep messes from spreading. Employees need quality materials that don’t create a bigger mess than they started with. Efficient cleaning will not only make your workers happy and more likely to clean up after themselves, it will increase run time and reduce down time. You’ll find that your prints runs cleaner, with fewer blemishes – which definately saves you money in the long run. Look for three types of print room wipes: macro cleaning for large areas and spills, micro cleaning for small print nozzles, and medium cleaning for print surfaces and countertops. It will be an investment in your business and improve the output.

So, as illustrated above, if you are looking for lint-free printing wipes or lint-free wipes for sign makers, TIDDOX can help! Give us a call on 1300 84 33 69 or email sales@tiddox.com.au. Another option is to follow us for news on our Facebook page.