Restaurant Disposable Cleaning Cloths

To prevent food poisoning, it is recommended that restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels and professional kitchens get rid of dirty dish cloths and only use disposable cleaning cloths, because reusable cloths hold on to, and spread, harmful bacteria. Whilst reusable cloths may be more economical, these cloths often do not disinfect properly, and so by using a disposable cloth the risk of cross contamination of germs is reduced.  Wipes and cloths that have been used to clean down tables or kitchen surfaces, particularly ones used to wipe down areas where raw meat and poultry have been prepared, collect potentially dangerous bacteria that can then spread to the hands of staff, other areas or surfaces, and equipment. Bacteria such as E coli, enterobacteriaceae, listeria and staphylococcus aureus have been found to collect in reusable cloths which can cause food poisoning and salmonella. It is recommended that disinfected wipes be used to reduce the risk of bacterial infections.

Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Where reusable cleaning cloths are used, to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment, these cloths need to be disinfected at least once a day, preferably twice. Bleach is used as a popular disinfectant, but rather than just soaking the cloths in bleach it is important to ensure that any remnant food does not remain in the cloths, which would encourage bacteria to grow. Wet dish cloths are a breeding ground for bacteria, so keep dry and replace regularly. If reusable cleaning cloths are to be used, it is recommended that they are colour coded to ensure that the same cloth is not used in multiple areas or for various purposes, which can result in the cross contamination of bacteria. To maintain a clean and sanitised kitchen, separate cloths should be used in the preparation of cooked food and raw food, and different colour coded cloths used outside of the kitchen area, such as in washrooms and bathrooms, or to wipe down and clean tables and bar counters. TIDDOX Maxi Wipes are specifically colour coded into green, red, blue and yellow for this hygiene standard.

Disposable Cleaning Cloths

With disposable cleaning cloths, color-coding no longer matters. Wipes are used for one purpose and then thrown away, thereby disposing of any contaminated bacteria on the cloth.

The costs of disposable cloths and wipes are comparable to reusable cloths, particularly if you factor in costs of laundering, and certainly a far safer hygienic option. Often a combination of reusable and disposable cloths are used, with the disposable cloths used in more germ risk areas.

TIDDOX supplies a range of disposable wipes on a roll and in flat pack format. The TIDDOX Premium disposables wipes on a roll are very economical and perforated for easy tearing and disposal. Through treating these cloths with antibacterial agent further inhibits the growth of bacteria on the disposable cloth / wipe. TIDDOX disposable wipes are designed for general purpose surface cleaning, and are strong, durable and absorbent, available in a range of colours and thicknesses.

For high usage kitchen areas, the TIDDOX Classic Jumbo roll comes with 600 tear off disposable wipes, and comes with a floor dispenser stand.

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