Which are the Best Wipes for Pharma?

Which are the Best Wipes for Pharma?

Which are the best wipes for Pharma? Pharmaceutical organisations tend to prefer sterile cleanroom wipes. Cross-contamination can ruin years’ worth of work and foul delicate instruments to boot. TIDDOX has sterile cleanroom wipes made under rigorous standards that any big pharmaceutical company can depend on. These products must be sterile enough to keep from contaminating both air and surfaces. This means the materials must be non-reactive with solvents and chemicals in the cleanroom. The sterile cloths must also be lint free in many cases, to keep from leaving debris on lenses and mirrors. A little lint can clog delicate gears, leaving you buggered from dismantling and cleaning. Not to mention, you have increased downtime when your equipment is cactus. It’s easy enough, though, to avoid ruined runs and fouled equipment with high quality big pharma sterile cleanroom wipes.

Sterilized Cleanroom Wipes

Sterilized cleanroom wipes undergo a rigorous manufacturing process that insures sterility. Our Microfiber Nonwoven Wipes undergo gamma radiation to remove any trace of contamination, even though they have been manufactured in sterile conditions. We then triple-bag the wipes to further protect the sterility of the product. In addition, each package has a dot that responds to irradiation, reassuring us that the package has, indeed, been sterilized.

Employees should follow safety protocol with dead set commitment to keeping their product as sterile as possible. Therefore, they maintain a Class 1000 cleanroom facility that many pharma companies rely on.

Absorbent Cleanroom Cloths

How do you make a cloth absorbent but not leave any lint to contaminate surfaces? Well, TIDDOX has perfected the process, but we can’t tell the competition! Let’s just say that our Microfiber Nonwoven Wipes and Polyester Knit Wipes rank among the most absorbent and lint free on the market.

The Polyester Knit Wipes suit delicate cleaning tasks. For example, cleaning electronics and delicate machinery. These sterile pharma wipes have been irradiated with gamma rays, and then triple bagged. These sterile cloths have a continuous knit pattern. The edges undergo laser sealing, further reducing the chance of loose lint fibres. With one continuous thread, the cloth has the least amount of lint. Suited to ISO Class 5 areas.

As for absorbency and durability, it’s hard to beat our Polyester Knit Wipes and Microfiber Nonwoven Wipes. You’ve got no worries with spills and leaks, because these cloths absorb and grip chemicals, liquids, and gels. The microfibers and continuous knit remove excess moisture from finely tuned instruments and flat surfaces alike.

Your TIDDOX sterile wipes won’t melt when they come in contact with most chemicals. So, use them to remove or apply solvents and chemicals. And, the texture of the cloths also allows them to grip most fluids so they don’t drip on the way to the waste bin.

Also, they contain no chemical binders. We don’t use additives to make the product “softer” or “more absorbent.” Our aim is the keep from introducing any contamination at all into your cleanroom. Some additives and binders literally come off the wipes, leaving invisible residue behind that can contaminate a product or surface. If you catch a problem like that, you may spend the whole arvo cleaning up the mess, not to mention the down time and loss of product.

Sterile Polishing Cloths

Our Microfiber Nonwoven Wipes and Polyester Knit Wipes soak up liquids, gels, and other spills. But, they also polish reflective surfaces. For example, lenses, mirrors, glass, and stainless steel counter tops. Use our TIDDOX products for a streak-free surface that doesn’t distort your view or image.

How often do you find polishing wipes that doesn’t leave behind a bit of itself with every use? Well no more! Our cloths offer a lint free solution, so that you can polish even the most sensitive of lenses and use them in microelectronics applications.

A no-lint cloth is a must-have in the cleanroom, and sterility is an even tougher requirement. With TIDDOX products that have been irradiated, you’ll have absorbent, soft, wipes sterile suitable for a pharma setting. Your lab wipes will enter your facility without any exterior contamination, and it won’t introduce any new contaminants.

Gamma Ray Sterilized Cloths

TIDDOX has other products that have been sterilized with gamma rays. Our Microfiber Knitted Wipes rate as Class 5 sterile wipes. As such they get a dousing of gamma rays and then triple bagging. These no-lint wipes ensure you get the comfort you require when using them in critical areas.

These sterile pharma wipes undergo gamma radiation that kills any residual contamination. The yellow dot on each package turns red once it has been treated. Then they get triple bagged, as well. As a result, the Microfiber Knitted Wipes offer a safe cleaning solution for use in cleanrooms rated on ISO scales 4 through 8.

Sterile Wipes That are Durable

You’ll be rapt with the quality of TIDDOX sterile wipes. These absorbent wipes soak up spills and can polish and clean lab equipment. The cloths listed here also suit heavy scrubbing. This means they won’t ravel as you’re using them. Ideal for cleaning surfaces without leaving behind torn bits of the wipe itself.

With construction of knitted wipes ensures very few, if any, raw ends left to become frazzled. And, by sealing the edges with a laser, means less chance of fibre release. If they do snag or catch on an instrument or corner of the cabinet, they won’t tear. That means you can keep using them. And, you won’t wear a hole in one while scrubbing a particularly difficult spot.

Of course, many of these wipes are reusable, but in a cleanroom setting you probably won’t want to launder and reuse our wipes.

Cleaning and Polishing Cloths

While many of our sterile wipes suit multiple tasks, you may want wipes specifically for a job. For example, you may need cloths for scrubbing. Sometimes contaminants dry onto a surface or don’t easily absorb into any kind of fabric.

In these cases, you’ll find that sterile wipes with texture do a more satisfactory job. Even though the nubs don’t give off any lint, they absorb well and give a little leverage against dried muck when surface cleaning. It’s amazing how much cleaning you can get done with wipes that have a little texture. This helps lift the dirt right off of the instrument, cabinet, table, or floor and hold up when you scrub with it. The multiple gripping surfaces that come with the many little nubs make your cleaning very efficient, giving you a great outcome.

Polishing cloths usually don’t have as much texture as cleaning cloths. Some of TIDDOX’s sterile wipes have a smooth, silky texture. But, that doesn’t make them less absorbent! For your lenses, mirrors, and precise tools, you’ll find that sterile polishing cloths are the best. Many of these wipes have laser sealed edges, too. This keeps the fibres from coming loose.

These super smooth polishing cloths use a fine texture to pull out any grime, fingerprints, or dust on your delicate surfaces, leaving a clear surface behind. Mirrors will refract light without any distortion from smears or flecks left behind.

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