Which is the Best Lint Free Cloth?

Is there such a thing as a lint-free cloth or wipe? The answer is that whilst many products claim to be “lint-free”, a more accurate description would be “low linting”.

The reason for this is that whether it is recycled T-Shirt rags (which are woven from soft knit threads) or manufactured synthetic nonwoven disposable wipers (which are blends of fibres such as cellulose, polyester or polypropolyne), threads and fibres from these materials can break free with friction.

Whilst cleanroom wipers probably provide the best solution for critical environmental cleaning, and microfibre cloths such as the MicroMAX, are also ideal for applications involving wiping down glass and lenses, these types of wipes are not always suited to most industrial and commercial wiping tasks.

In an environment of cost constraints, and high usage, there are a number of extremely good “low linting” wipes available, which are often marketed as “lint-free”. These engineered wiping products have been designed to be more effective than old T-Shirt rags, which tend to leave behind residue thread or “lint”.

Paper towels that do not fall apart when wet can be a very cost effective low-linting disposable wiping solution. For example, the blue workshop towels called “Rag-On-A-Roll” are very durable owing to their 4-plys of tissue reinforced with a nylon webbing, making them difficult to tear. Ideally you may wish to seek out the TIDDOX perforated rolls to reduce wastage.

The Industro Wipes are a popular low lint, residue free product that can be used wet or dry and each sheet has a high wet strength. Made from a combination of polyester and cellulose, and with a fine texture on both sides, this is a very absorbent wiper that can we used with chemicals, paints and other solvents. If the cleaning task does not require such a generously sized wipe, an alternative hand sized product made from the same material is the “TIDDOX Solvent Resistant Wipe”, which, as the name suggests, will not fall apart when used with solvents, such as inks, adhesives, varnishes and coatings. What differentiates this wiper is that it is coarse on one side for heavy duty scrubbing, and fine on the other.

Another cost effective, “lint-free” wiper suited to heavy duty cleaning jobs, because of its strength, thickness and durability, is the “Rhino Industrial Wipe”. At 110 gsm this industrial grade product is not only very low linting, it is also great for surface prepping and highly absorbent of grease, oil, inks, chemicals and solvents. Packaged in either an easy pop-up dispenser box or a 475-sheet ‘low-linting” jumbo blue wiping roll. A medium duty version is also available in smaller hand sized white rolls of 220 perforated smooth sheets.

Orange Peels”, are a great hand cleaning pull-out wet wipe, which will remove grease, ink, oil and grime from printers’ hands and equipment. These lint-free industrial wipes are portable, convenient and disposable, with a pleasant citrus smell.

For printing preparation and degreasing tasks, the “TIDDOX Degreasing Wipes” are popular, in either sheet or roll format. These wipes are made from a highly absorbent meltblown polypropylene material and are suitable for cleaning all ink types, solvents, chemicals, oil and grease.

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