Wipes for the Printing Industry



A challenge of every printing press or press room is finding suitable wipes. In fact, “lint-free wipes”. As a result, low lint and lint-free disposable wipes have become a highly sought after. However, you get a number of different types of wipes for the printing industry. Moreover, the variety of the wipes, cloths and rags depends on the task. Hence, the purpose of this article is to give an overview of the popular options.

Firstly, Rags, cut from recycled T-Shirts, or the scrim reinforced paper towels known as “Rag-On-A-Roll”, are a couple of cost effective solutions. These can be used for general pressroom clean-up tasks such as wiping down a press or workbench. However, they can leave fluff, or lint particles, so not ideal for more delicate tasks. For example, tasks such as cleaning rollers, flexographic or photopolymer plates.

So, for these more sensitive tasks, you need to use specialty printers’ wipes. And, the best ones are the lint free wipes. Why? Because they will not leave behind fibre remains on the surface after wiping. For example, try the disposable low-linting “Industro Wipes”, made from a blend of cellulose and polyester fibres. As such, this high quality printer’s wipe gets used for cleaning screen, offset, lithographic and flexi printers. In addition, they absorb large spills, including inks and other solvents. Other wipes for the printing industry include the “TIDDOX Solvent Resistant Wipe. Similar wipes, but cut to a smaller hand size. And, it too, will not fall apart when used with solvents, inks, adhesives and varnishes. Furthermore, it has a coarse on one side for heavy duty scrubbing and fine on the other.


And, for heavy duty jobs, such as cleaning printing plates, trays and ink rollers, use the “LintNIL Wipes” or the “Polysoft Wipes“. Both these drum cleaning wipes are also great ink cleaning wipes, and also absorb chemicals and solvents. And, these tough, tear resistant wipes offer fantastic absorbency. Also, their white colour shows up any stains or ink clearly.

Similarly, if you need wet wipes, look no further than the industrial grade “Printer Wet Wipes”. These hand cleaning pull out wet wipes remove grease, ink, oil and grime from printer’s hands and equipment. And, they offer a portable, convenient and disposable solution, with a pleasant citrus smell too!

Finally, for printing preparation and degreasing tasks, try the “Degreasing Wipes”. Made from a highly absorbent meltblown polypropylene material. Because of this material, these wipes will soak up all ink types, solvents, chemicals, oil and grease.

So, the above overview illustrates of some print equipment cleaning wipes for the printing industry to consider. If you have any questions, please contact TIDDOX and we will gladly assist you further. Alternatively follow us for news on our Facebook page.

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