90 wipes per roll • 50 cm x 30 cm • 6 rolls per carton

Colour: White 

  • Ultra low lint white wipes for multipurpose cleaning tasks
  • Highly absorbent of liquids and spills, including solvents and chemicals
  • Smooth surface texture prevents scratches
  • Also good for cleaning glass and metal surfaces, as well as equipment cleaning
  • Strong, solvent resistant, tear resistant wipes that will not fall apart when wet
  • 90 perforated sheets on each 45 m roll
  • Cost effective, general purpose, disposable wipes
  • Wall dispensers available


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Product Code: 6-50015-PR


Not only do AMBIWIPES ROLLS have low lint features, they also have great absorbency. As such, they get used in many industries, particularly hospitality, food service and food preparation. However, these low lint wipes also get used for polishing and cleaning glass and metal surfaces. And, their high cellulose component makes these wipes very absorbent of liquids. Moreover, because the wipes are solvent resistant, this means they also absorb solvents, paints, chemicals and cleaning agents. Furthermore, the wipes have a soft and smooth texture, which prevents scratching of surfaces. And, as a result, they also suit delicate surface cleaning jobs.
Each 45 metre roll comprises 90 perforated wipes. The rolls are portable and convenient. Wall dispensers available if required.
Some of its industry applications we have listed below:-


Because the AMBIWIPES WHITE ROLLS are popular in restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes.  For example, they’re easy to tear off, very absorbent of spills, and make great all round, cost effective, disposable restaurant wipes. Furthermore, you can safely use them to clean kitchen surfaces, wipe down bar counters, dining tables or in food preparation areas. And, they can be used with disinfectants to sanitise surfaces or with window cleaners to clean windows or polish metal surfaces. Also they are strong enough to absorb grease, oil and fats in the kitchen.


Moreover, the rolls make convenient disposable wipes for a variety of car and automotive cleaning tasks. For example, they excel at spotless streak-free window wiping. In addition, they have high oil absorbing abilities. Furthermore, they get used a lot to polish mirrors and upholstery. And they’re tough enough to withstand solvents and chemicals. Not only do they offer superior absorbency, they are also low linting. Furthermore, their soft texture will not damage or scratch the metal panels. Cost effective rag replacement wipes on a roll!


PRINTERS like to affordability and low lint characteristics of the  feature of the AMBIWIPES WHITE ROLLS. Not only can they clean off ink and solvents in the print room, they are strong enough to not fall apart during use. Portable, convenient rolls of wipes! Wall dispensers available.


The AMBIWIPES WHITE ROLLS are also available in a pack format, called the AMBIWIPES which has 300 wipes per pack. And if you needed a large surface wipe (55cm x 40cm), then we also have the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES, which are popular in the powder coating, surface preparation and painting jobs. And finally, high usage tasks favour the HANDI WIPES JUMBO ROLL, available in blue or white. 


For low lint heavy duty tasks, requiring stronger material, we recommend the WHITE RHINO ROLLS or the JUMBO RHINO ROLLS.

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