TIDDOX Anti Fog Lens Wipes - Cleaning Wipes

15 cm x 12.5 cm • 100 sachets per box • 25 boxes per carton 

Colour: White

  • Pre-moistened specialty wet wipes that apply an anti-fog coating to lenses
  • Cleans and protects lenses used in the workplace, on the sporting field or at home
  • Apply to all types of lenses, including plastic, glass and mirror coated lenses
  • Ideal for cleaning safety goggles, respirators and similar PPE equipment
  • These wipes have an anti-static feature that repels dust off lens surfaces
  • Also, do not contain any alcohol so they will not stain or damage surfaces
  • 100 sachets per box
  • Also available Alcohol free lens cleaning wet wipes


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Product Code: 7-AFW100


Annoyingly, sometime safety glasses get fogged up. And, you sleeve doesn’t always do the job. Instead you end up with streaks, and smudges which is more annoying! However, life’s not meant to be that hard, and so we’ve got a great anti-fogging solution. Namely the anti-fog lens cleaning wipes. Conveniently, these pre-moistened wipes come in sachets that you tear open to pull out the wet wipe. Then , it applies an anti-fogging coating to your lens. In addition, it also cleans and protects the lens. In fact, the wipes have an anti-static feature that repels dust off lens surfaces.

So, whether you’re on the sports field, fighting fires, or donning safety goggles in the factory, these provide a handy solution to foggy lenses. Indeed, they’re excellent for fire fighters and cleaning respirators. And its not just PPE equipment that they clean, but also any glass surface, including the screens on your iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer.

So, keep a few boxes handy, and make life simpler. Each box contains 100 individually wrapped wet wipes. So you can distribute the sachets around the workplace and amongst staff members.

Furthermore, they are free of any alcohol, so they don’t damage or stain surfaces.

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