ESD Anti-Static Cloths

23 cm x 23 cm • 150 wipes per pack • 10 packs per carton 

Our ANTI-STATIC WIPES are made for static sensitive cleaning. They contain carbon conductive yarns to reduce the build up of static charges. These static dissipative fibres attract and control electro static discharges.

Hence, they’re ideal for cleaning electronic component parts. In fact, any surfaces prone to a build up of static electricity. For example, computers, circuit boards, plasma and LCD screens, monitors, lenses, process tools and precision instruments.

Because of their soft texture, these anti-static cleaning cloths won’t scratch or damage surfaces. And, because of the continuous filament of knitted fabric and laser sealed edges, these cloths are lint free. Because they’re lint free reduces the risk of contamination of loose fabric threads in the stencil and PCBs.

Colour: White

  • Lint-free anti-static wipes that prevent or inhibit the buildup of static electricity
  • Ideal for cleaning static sensitive surfaces and to control ESD (“Electro Static Discharge”)
  • Made with dark lines of static dissipative carbon conducting yarns
  • Carbon conductive carbon yarns on both sides of the cloth for greater ESD control
  • Used for lint-free cleaning of static sensitive surfaces
  • Tightly knitted fibres and sealed edges to reduce any lint residue
  • Cleanroom processed wipes washed multiple times to reduce excess particles, ions and extractables
  • Soft and non-abrasive
  • Very absorbent
  • Thick, strong, durable and tear resistant fabric
  • Solvent resistant so used with cleaning agents and alcohol
  • Autoclavable
  • Used for cleaning critical static-sensitive surfaces. For example, data storage disks, circuit boards, screens, process tools and precision instruments
  • Popular in microelectronics, semiconductor, medical, optical, aviation and industrial industries
  • Used in class cleanroom environments: ISO 5 or Class 100
  • Vacuum packed in static protective packaging


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Product Code: 6-23026


As a result of surface friction, plastic, glass and metal surdfaces can give off static shocks. Hence, when cleaning static sensitive surfaces use ESD ANTI-STATIC WIPES. Not only do they dissipate static build up, but won’t scratch surfcaes. Why? Because of their super soft and non-abrasive texture. So they won’t damage delicate surfaces. Also, they’re lint free! So, these lint-free static wipes won’t leave any lint residual pieces on the cleaned surface.

Consequently, to avoid static charges, use LINT FREE ANTI-STATIC WIPES. For instance, when cleaning electronic components and circuit boards. Or wiping semiconductor and other electrical equipment. In fact, many types of businesses use these anti static polishing cloths. For example, aviation, industrial and medical businesses. In fact, any machine or instrument that needs wiping down which collects static buildup


An electrostatic discharge (“ESD”) results when static electricity is released due to friction between two objects. For example, when you touch a tv screen or monitor and you get a sudden small shock. That’s an electro static discharge!


ESD ANTI-STATIC WIPES are cleaning cloths that reduce static charges. Hence, you can use them to clean static sensitive surfaces without getting shocked. They have carbon conductive fibre strips that attract and reduce static buildup when wiping.


Any surface can build up static charges when rubbed against another surface. For example, glass, metal, plastic and even carpets. For example, we’re all familiar with the static charges caused by rubbing a comb in your hair or rubbing shoes on a carpet. Because these actions often result in static charges moving from one surface to another. And a small shock occurs.

Hence, rubbing metal circuit boards, metal tools, instruments and equipment can cause static discharges. Similarly rubbing compter screens or tv screens causes a similar reaction. And so, its best to use anti-static screen wipes when cleaning lcd and plasma screens. The conductive yarns in these antistatic cloths help reduce static discharges.


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