Antibacterial Wet Wipes

18 cm x 15 cm • 250 wipes per pack • 6 packs per carton 

Colour: White

  • 250 premium quality Antibacterial Wet Wipes on a roll
  • Multipurpose wipes for sanitary protection and hygienic surface cleaning
  • Used in offices (phones, door knobs and table tops) and restaurants (basins, toilets, showers, counters)
  • Ideal for wiping down equipment in health clubs, gyms and fitness centres
  • Perfect for childcare centres and schools
  • Disposable wet wipes for nursing and aged care homes
  • Single use wet wipes for hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Pre-moistened, containing Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Wall dispensers available if required


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Product Code: 7-8900

Alcohol-free Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Antibacterial Wet Wipes sanitize surfaces against germs. Besides, without regular surface cleaning, germs spread. And that’s not good news, as they can kill you! Surface germs include viruses, fungi, bacteria and other microbes. They can be found on surfaces in hospitals, gyms, schools and restaurants. So combat them with these wet wipes! They kill and slow down the growth of germs on surfaces.

Using wet wipes to clean a surface works well. Besides, its an easy, cost effective solution for hygiene maintenance. And these packs are portable, easy to carry and use.

What are Wet Wipes?

Basically, these wet wipes are little wet towelettes. Towelettes with a powerful disinfectant formula. In fact the formula removes germs from any surfaces. Whether you use them on your skin or a surface does not matter. Disposable wet wipes for hygienic single use. If you reuse it, the wipe can spread germs.

Alcohol-free Wet Wipes are Better

High levels of alcohol in wipes has its risks. Because, most of the time, companies use ethanol to produce these wipes. Not only is it flammable, but it can also stain and damage surfaces. In addition, alcohol drys and escapes quickly once applied to surfaces. Also, diluted levels are not as effective.

Hence, if possible we suggest non-alcohol wipes to clean surfaces. Alcohol-free wipes successfully remove germs and clean surfaces. And, they don’t contain alcohol, or other harmful ingredients.

Features and Uses

Our antibacterial wet wipes are perfect for cleaning surfaces. Despite being free of alcohol, they are successful at killing harmful germs. And safe too! So, they will not irritate skin. Accordingly, nurses can use them to take care of patients.

But, they also have loads of other applications. These multipurpose wet wipes get used in restaurants, cafe and bars. Ideal for wiping down sticky counters and tables in kitchens.  Similarly, handy for surface cleaning tasks in offices. Likewise, a popular cost effective wet wipe in gyms and health clubs. Indeed, a convenient disposable solution in schools and childcare centres.

Each pack contains a roll of 250 bulk packaged wet wipes. Dispense from the bag or opt for the wall dispenser.

For a larger tub of 280 wipes, try the ANTIBACTERIAL DISINFECTANT WIPES.

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