Industrial Wet Wipes

80 wipes per canister • 12 cans per carton • 20 cm x 30 cm

Colour: White

  • A portable can of automotive grease wet wipes
  • 80 moistened, heavy duty, grease wet wipes
  • Removes grease and oil from hands, tools and surfaces
  • Textured wet wipe used in automotive workshops for general purpose cleaning tasks
  • Contains antibacterial agent
  • Cleans tools and hands easily
  • Includes an Aloe Vera skin moisturiser, Lanolin and Vitamin E


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Product Code: 7-30025


Why do workshops and mechanics love these automotive grease wet wipes? Because they wipe off sealants, oils and grease. It’s no good smearing grease and oils over floors and surfaces. Instead, use industrial wet wipes. Ideal for grease removal and scrubbing tasks. These cans offer workshops a fast and convenient wiping solution. And that is why mechanics love them!

So, why not try a couple of cartons and hand them out around the bays. Not only will them clean up oil and grease, but also keep tools and surfaces clean. Also, the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E makes a super hand moisturiser too! Use to clean up after your shift and then dispose of the wet wipe. Equally important, they contain an antibacterial chemical too. This provides added hygiene and keeps surfaces safe. A dual purpose disinfectant and grease remover in one! Try these automotive grease wet wipes in the workshop. Used as a versatile, general purpose wet wipe by dealerships, workshops and mechanics nationwide. Not only convenient, but also cost effective and disposable wet wipes.  Try them and you will wonder how you operated the workshop before without them!

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