Jumbo Rhino Roll

475 perforated wipers per roll • 151m Roll

Colours: Blue

  • Thick, Heavy Duty, Automotive Cleaning Cloth
  • Multipurpose applications from polishing windscreens and metals to grease and oil absorption tasks
  • Highly absorbent woodpulp polypropylene material
  • Disposable wipers, that are cost effective in high usage areas like auto workshops
  • Rag replacement wiper
  • Floor stands and wall dispensers available

Product Code: 6-X8022-JR


Why are the AUTOMOTIVE JUMBO RHINO ROLL WIPERS so popular in workshops? Because they are great for cleaning up tools and equipment. And, mechanics love their low lint features, toughness and high absorbency. In fact, these wipers also wipe up grease, oil and dirt. So, try these general workshop rags that are tough, durable and disposable. Not only do the have strength, but also lots of absorbency. So, as a package you get strong, absorbent, low linting and durable wipers.
As a result, workshops are switching from rags to these heavy-duty absorbent wipers. Because they offer great thickness, more absorbency and very low in lint. And, unlike T-Shirt rags, they do not leave behind fluff or cotton threads after wiping.
And, this versatile wiper has many uses. For example, use it to clean grease, grime, hubcaps or as a disposable workshop towel. Or, use it for hand and tool cleaning as well as surface preparation. And also agile enough for valeting and detailing tasks.
Plus they are solvent resistant! They work well with cleaning fluids and detergents without disintegrating. Use them for washing and cleaning vehicles, boats and campers. The rolls are portable and easy to freight and store. Floor stands available, if required.
Each roll has 475 large wipers (32cm x 34cm). Perforated for easy tearing off and reduced wastage.
Try these quality automotive wipers, with a lot less effort and cost than other cloths and rags. Enjoy the superior performance that these oil absorbing cloths offer. They make a “no brainer” alternative to other cloths and rags!
Add AUTOMOTIVE JUMBO RHINO ROLL WIPERS to your workshop supplies. Enjoy the cost savings and the quality benefits that this product offers. Perfect for those looking for absorbency, low linting and durability!
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