Wash Up Cloths

10 wipes in a pack • 10 packs in a carton • 100 wipes • 40 cm x 38 cm

Colours: GreenBlue RedYellow

  • Soft, thick automotive sponge cloths, for vehicle washing and drying
  • Fast absorbing material can soak up many times its own weight in water, fuels and other liquids
  • Extra Thick viscose absorbent sponge cloth
  • Non-scratch, non-abrasive, soft cloths
  • Convenient, portable packs of 10 wipes
  • Quality, economical, rapid absorption solution



PRODUCT CODE: (G) 3-40021 (B) 3-40022
  (R) 3-40023 (Y) 3-40024


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Undeniably, the automotive MAXI WIPES PREMIUM is an effective car wash cloth. Why? Because its made from soft, non-scratch, rayon material. Hence, this is a great car washing and drying cloth. Not only will these automotive sponge cloths rapidly dry the body of a vehicle, they’ll remove any dirt and dust too. Therefore, they’re very popular with detailers, car yards, car wash depots, auto workshops, dealerships and panel beaters.
Undoubtedly, the stand out feature of MAXI WIPES is their ability to absorb vast amounts of liquid. Surprisingly simple in so far as all you need to do is absorb, squeeze, rinse and reuse. As a result, they’re very useful in washing and drying vehicles. And mopping up spills. In fact, the ultra absorbent nature of this product allows rapid drying of all sorts of liquids.
Generally, the typical a chamois is better known. However, these non-abrasive automotive cleaning cloths are becoming more well known. Because they’re very effective, but a lot cheaper than a chamois. Hence you get cost savings, without any compromise to quality or absorbency. 
So, if you are looking for an absorbent automotive wash cloth, give the MAXI WIPES a try! Indeed, a quality product at an affordable price! Available in convenient packs of 10 thick, absorbent wipes.
In addition, we have wipes for cleaning engines, detailing, polishing windscreens, and lint-sensitive wiping tasks. For instance, check out our SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES, the WORKBENCH RHINO WIPES BOX, and the GIANT SHAMMY WASH CLOTH.

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