General Purpose Microfibre Cloths - Cleaning Wipes

40 cm x 40 cm • 5 Cloths Per Pack • 10 Packs per Carton • 50 Cloths Per Carton

Colours: Blue Green Red Yellow

  • Soft, thick microfibre cloths
  • Detailing cloths used to dry and clean vehicle surfaces
  • Very absorbent and will not scratch surfaces
  • Weft knitted and elastic
  • Also, picks up dirt easily
  • Rinse and reuse
  • Use wet or dry
  • Durable and long lasting cloth

However, for low-lint tasks, consider our AUTOMOTIVE LOW LINT MICROFIBRE CLOTHS


PRODUCT CODE: (B) 4-8890
PRODUCT CODE: (G) 4-8891
PRODUCT CODE: (R) 4-8892
PRODUCT CODE: (Y) 4-8893    



Generally, AUTOMOTIVE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS and RAGS, are most common in auto workshops. However, for lint-sensitive wiping, we recommend LINT FREE WIPES.
Not only are microfibre cloths great for general purpose jobs, they’re one of the most absorbent cloths! In addition, they’re soft, so they won’t damage vehicle surfaces. And, they’re great dry cleaning cloths. But you can also wet them with cleaning chemicals. Regardless, they last a while, so they’ve very economical. 
Moreover, these CAR WASH CLOTHS are very versatile. For example, you can use them to soak up oil spills, but also clean windscreens. But if you’re not using them to shine mirrors and windows, use can use them to scrub grease off the wheels and engine!
So, grab a carton of these detailing cloths and try them out. Not only are there 10 workshop towels in a pack, but also 5 packs in a carton. And, you can choose between Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
In addition, check out our other auto wipes. For instance, the LINT FREE MICROMAX, the PREMIUM MICROFIBRE CLOTHS and the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS.

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