1000 wipers per roll • 36cm x 35cm (350m)

Colours: Blue

  • Jumbo roll consisting of 1000 disposable tear-off wipes for high usage general wiping tasks used in automotive workshops, garages and car yards
  • Extra thick 3-ply absorbent paper tissues glued and embossed together for added strength and absorbency
  • Cost effective bulk package of disposable workshop wipers
  • Economical rag replacement paper towel for cleaning hands and tools of lubricants, grease and oils
  • Floor dispensers available

Product Code: (B) 6-67022-JR


Bundle up those rags for the last time. You know the ones – those thin, knobby rags you use to clean off the dipstick when you check the oil. They’re ok for scrubbing grime off of your hands but don’t even THINK of using them to clean up an oil spill. They’ll just smear it around until you get the floor sweep on the mess. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a “one stop shop”, so to speak, for soaking up the spill and cleaning the mess? The TIDDOX JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL is perfect for automotive garages and workshops.

These thick, 3-ply absorbent towels are designed especially for a busy work environment with lots of traffic. They are absorbent enough to soak up spills and drips without smearing, yet strong enough to clean off surfaces and use for scrubbing. Their strength comes from the high-tech manufacturing process, which both glues and embosses 3 sheets of mixed cellulose paper tissue together. Not only does this increased tensile strength make them more tear resistant and more capable of use on rough surfaces without coming apart, it also provides enhanced absorption capacity of liquid spills, solvents, and thicker substances such as oils, lubricants and grease.

Each jumbo roll has 1000 sheets of perforated towels, each of which are of a set size (35cm x 36.5cm) and a consistent texture, unlike workshop rags. Furthermore, these blue automotive paper towels are soft and almost lint-free, so can be used to polish surfaces or clean delicate equipment parts without scratching or leaving behind lint.

The end result is an economical jumbo roll of thick, strong and absorbent multipurpose workshop wipers, that are effective in their performance, and reduce wastage and costs in high usage auto workshops.

Portable floor dispensers are available to keep the roll handy to as many mechanics as possible.

Besides being strong and absorbent, these are environmentally friendly disposable automotive cloths! You just can’t beat an absorbent, affordable automotive wiper that you can leave out for mechanics, car valets, and other car care professionals.

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