24.5cm x 35cm • 70m Rolls
200 Perforated wipers per roll • 6 Rolls per Carton

Colours: Blue or White

  • Multipurpose 4-ply paper towels that absorbs grease, oils and liquids
  • Scrim reinforced wipers with a nylon web netting for added strength
  • Used by mechanics, auto body shops, panel beaters, and vehicle resellers
  • A cost effective, disposable, general purpose rag to wipe hands, clean tools or dry surfaces
  • Small scrim reinforced rolls that are useful workshop accessories
  • Perforated to make it easy to tear off sheets, and reduce wastage and cost
  • Wall mounted dispensers available
PRODUCT CODE:  BLUE   CTN Of 6 ROLLS:     6-41942-PR



As you know, mechanics and auto shops are always looking for affordable, disposable automotive wipes, cloths and rags. And rags are not always the answer. In fact, more and more are looking for a better cost effective option. For example, TIDDOX’s disposable Automotive RAG ON A ROLL, or “ROAR”.

Because Automotive RAG ON A ROLL cleans anything to do with a motor vehicle, it’s very popular. And it replaces bulky, inconsistent (and often dirty) rags. Also, easier to dispose of compared to laundering “red rags” that need counting and washing on a regular basis. Instead, switch to these rough textured wipes for cleaning the oil off of a dip stick. And forget the laundry bill of red rags. As these absorbent, hygienic, automotive towels stop any spill in its place.

And, how often do you have an oil spill or a radiator leak that spreads greasy antifreeze on the floor, making a bigger and bigger mess? Then someone will step in it and track it all over the shop or worse, track it into a vehicle. Well, with Automotive RAG ON A ROLL, you have an immediate solution. Because these disposable paper workshop wipes quickly soak up a spill then go in the trash.

Not only are these perforated rolls cheaper, but their nylon webbing makes them sturdy enough to scrub with. In fact, automotive scrim reinforced wipers combine 4 sheets of cellulose tissue over a nylon mesh. And it’s available in blue or white. Clearly, RAG ON A ROLL deserves a place in your automotive cleaning supplies.

So, try TIDDOX’s Automotive RAG ON A ROLL as a replacement for the bulky bags of rags. And you will see that this absorbent, durable automotive wipe is as affordable as it is handy. Also, once you’ve used it, you won’t want to use anything else.

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