Blue Workshop Towels

90 wipes per roll • 6 rolls per carton • 41 cm x 25 cm

Colour: Blue

  • Very absorbent, tough, solvent resistant wipes
  • Used to apply and remove solvents from surfaces
  • Also great for scrubbing and polishing tasks
  • Absorbent of water, solvents, chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Low lint / “lint-free” wipes
  • Strong, heavy duty, durable wipes
  • Smooth polishing wipes, that can also scrub off stubborn dirt off vehicles
  • Convenient hand-sized rolls
  • Low cost rag replacement wipes


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Product Code: 6-41022


Another option to the mechanic’s bag of rags has arrived! And they’re called BLUEMAX WIPES!

As a matter of fact, we think that these AUTOMOTIVE SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are far better, more durable, and more absorbent than rags. Undoubtedly, more hygienic, consistent in size, and easier to transport and store!

Chiefly, workshop rags mop up oil spills. Not only can BLUEMAX WIPES do that, they can also polish glass and metal surfaces, without leaving lint. In fact, use them to rub fingerprints off of the paint, shining mirrors, and cleaning your tools. And, they’re tough enough to scrub up stubborn dirt. But, most importantly, use them to apply and remove lubricants. This makes them the perfect choice for dealing with all sorts of chemicals, solvents, fuels and lubricants. Comparatively, rags just don’t have this versatility, and certainly leave more lint after use.

Because BLUEMAX WIPES are made from a secret wood pulp polyester mix, they’re very strong and absorbent. Hence, don’t worry about that radiator leak – just drop a few of these towels on it and they will soak up the mess until you can get back to it. And, you don’t have to worry about the mechanics cloths dripping on the way to the trash can, making a bigger mess or smearing gunk instead of absorbing it. Furthermore, they won’t come apart as soon as they get saturated with brake fluid. In fact, they absorb oil and grip grease.

So, order a carton of these BLUE WORKSHOP WIPES today! You’ll get 6 BLUEMAX ROLLS of 90 mechanic wipes each, and can place them in each bay of your garage. Thereafter, you won’t want any other automotive towels in your shop!


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