White Rhino Roll - Cleaning Wipes

220 wipers per roll • 22.5 cm x 38 cm • 4 Rolls per Carton

Colour: White

  • Disposable wipes used in the maintenance and cleaning of automobiles, trucks, boats and other vehicles
  • Absorbent polypropylene wiper that absorbs oil and grease, and will not leave lint on surfaces after wiping
  • Cost effective centerfeed roll has 220 tear-off wipers (wall dispensers available)
  • Great glass polishing cloth, works well with solvents and cleaning agents
  • Strong, durable and absorbent
  • Wall dispensers available

Product Code: 6-X7025-PR


Automotive White Cleaning Wipes (“RHINO WIPES”) are perfect for cleaning trucks, automobiles, boats and vehicles! Each roll has 220 disposable perforated sheets. And, this roll format is a very cost effective, lowering the cost per use significantly. And, the roll is portable, so you can keep one in the vehicle, on a work bench or in the wall dispenser.
So what are these exciting new RHINO WIPES that everyone is talking about? They are tough, tear resistant sheets wipes on a roll made from a cellulose polyester material. These material components underpin its STRENGTH, DURABILITY and ABSORBENCY! Very absorbent of water, oils, and solvents. Useful in cleaning up oil, grease, grime and dirt off wheels, engines, and the outer body of the vehicle. Because they are very low linting they are also great for polishing. Polish mirrors, glass and windscreens, interiors, dashboards and the internal finishes of vehicles. Use wet or dry or with cleaning chemicals as they do not tear apart when wet.
Mechanics in auto body shops use them to clean hands, tools and equipment. Popular with car wash and valeting organisations. A very handy roll of wipes to keep in the vehicle. Popular with tradies in their utes and long distance truck drivers.
Besides outstanding performance, this product also offers attractive cost savings. Any all fleet owners will tell you, these cost savings come without any compromise to quality.
So, if you are looking for an all round, value for money disposable wiper for automobile maintenance and care, try out the RHINO WIPES!

Other automobile cleaning wipes include SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES, the CLASSIC 300M JUMBO ROLL, and the BOX OF RHINO WIPES.