Tiddox Black Nitrile Gloves

100 gloves per box • 10 boxes per carton • 1000 gloves
S | M | L | XL | 2XL

Colours: Black

  • Powder free, multipurpose, disposable nitrile gloves
  • Good puncture resistance and strength
  • Protects hands from chemicals and solvents
  • Micro textured fingers provide greater sensitivity, grip and precision
  • Used by printers, tattoo artists, chemists and for general handling tasks that require good dexterity
  • Beaded cuff examination gloves
  • Latex free (no allergy risks) and powder free
  • For extra heavy duty thickness, try the BLACK PREMIUM NITRILE GLOVES or the ORANGE PREMIUM NITRILE GLOVES


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Product Code: 9-MDNBPF


Because NITRILE GLOVES are latex free, they’re normally the preferred choice. Especially by those with latex allergies! Furthermore, nitrile is a strong material. Hence, it gives a good level of hand protection. In fact, nitrile is three times stronger than vinyl or latex. So, nitrile gloves have good puncture resistance. In addition, they allow freedom of movement of the fingers. Coupled with the dexterity and good grip, they’re also comfortable. Also, they’re relatively low cost and disposable.

Another benefit of these disposable gloves is that they’re chemical resistant. Therefore you can use them with chemicals and solvents.

As a result of the above, BLACK NITRILE GLOVES are popular in many professions. For example, in printing, automotive and industrial businesses. Also, they’re used a lot by painters, as well as in tattoo parlors and salons.

In addition, we also have other disposable gloves. For instance, BLUE NITRILE GLOVES, BLACK PREMIUM NITRILE GLOVES and PREMIUM ORANGE NITRILE GLOVES.  Also, we’ve also got BIODEGRADABLE NITRILE GLOVES. And, for lint sensitive tasks, we’ve got LINT-FREE COTTON GLOVES.

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