42 cm x 34.5 cm • 60 pull out sheets per box • 4 boxes per carton 

Colour: Blue

  • Strong, low lint, absorbent, blue wipes in a pull out pop-up box
  • Ideal for drying hands, wiping surfaces and absorbing spills
  • Multipurpose wipes in a portable pop-up dispenser box
  • Used in hospitality, healthcare and aged care as convenient, disposable hygienic wipes
  • Also used in automotive and industrial industries to cleans hands, equipment, tools, metal and glass surfaces
  • Soaks up all liquids including water, bloods, urine, fuel, solvents, ink, oils, paints, grease, cleaning chemicals and solvents
  • Strong, tear resistant, polypropylene fibres
  • Low linting material


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Product Code: 6-TPBW


Looking for a portable dispenser box of wipes? Why not try our BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX. Because if you want thick and very absorbent, strong and tough wipes, this is the solution! And, these thick, tough wipes come in a portable pop-up dispenser box. Also, ideal for bench tops, counters, and in vehicles. Not only does each portable box have 60 blue wipes in it, they are large too (42 cm x 34.5 cm)! So just the right size to be handy. In fact, big enough to clean up spills, but small enough to fit in a toolbox.

The BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX combines cellulose with polypropylene to create a tough, absorbent wipe. And the result is a disposable, single use wipe, with a low cost per use. In fact, these tough wipes will stand up to everything you throw at them! For example, the BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX absorbs most spills of any liquid, from blood to brake fluid to latex paint to jelly. Furthermore, they’re capable of soaking up cleaning agents, solvents, ink, oil, urine, and most other liquids. And, soft enough for use on skin in the healthcare or medical industries. But, tough enough to scrub up messes on the manufacturing floor or automotive garage. So, don’t delay, switch to these multipurpose, absorbent, strong and durable wipes.

So, order a carton of 4 boxes, and you will want to use the BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX everywhere!

Below are a few industry applications examples:


Because the automotive industry deals with a lot of oils, grease, solvents and chemicals, these are the perfect wiping solution. Not only do they soak up spills and oils, they’re a disposable, strong, absorbent workshops towel. In fact, the AUTOMOTIVE BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX have become a popular rag substitute.


The INDUSTRIAL BLUE WIPES dispenser box can be found on work benches everywhere. Why? Because these thick, absorbent wipes deal quickly with spills of oils, solvents or chemicals. And, these portable pop-up boxes prove their value in industrial environments. For instance, their low lint features make them perfect for cleaning equipment, stainless steel surfaces, metal and glass. Because they won’t leave “pills” behind. Above all, a great general purpose, tough wipe that handles the most challenging cleaning tasks.


Medical facilities use the MEDICAL BLUE WIPES POP-UP BOX. It provides medical staff with easy access to clean hygienic wipes. In addition, they are ideal for absorbing the unexpected spills and messes that occur. And, these disposable wipes make them a preferred hygienic choice over reusable cloths. Not only soft enough to be used on patient’s skin, but also tough enough to hold up to extreme use in emergencies.


Restaurants use them in the kitchen and to wipe down tables and scrubbing grease film from the stove. And bars keep a box on the bar counter to soak up spills and shine glasses. In fact, hotels use them for cleaning bathrooms in housekeeping. The HOSPITALITY BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX provides a portable solution to cleaning up spills. So, grab one to deal with mess in your pub, restaurant, cafe or hotel.


Car valet services and car wash cleaners love the CAR CARE BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX. Why? Because they are soft and lint-free, but strong and durable. So they’re ideal for cleaning inside vehicles, shining mirrors, glass and windscreen. Also well suited to absorbing engine oil and wiping off grease and dirt from the hubcaps. It’s easy to see why these economical and disposable wipes in a portable dispenser box are so popular!


The HEALTHCARE BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX dispenses clean, white sanitary towels. Healthcare workers use them in aged care, child care, hospitals and hospices. They rely on these strong absorbent wipes to do the job of keeping the facilities clean and sanitary. Multipurpose and versatile wipes ready for any challenging tasks. From soaking up food spills and potty accidents to scrubbing baseboards. Economical, cost effective disposable single use wipes for cleaning and maintaining a hygienic environment.


The PRINTER’S WIPES DISPENSER BOX cleans off hands and printing equipment. Tough, absorbent cloths to absorb inks, grease and solvents. Their white colour helps highlight dirt, inks and stains. The low linting material ensures that unnecessary residue is not left on surfaces after wiping.

The nonwoven fibers are constructed to ensure the wipes give a low lint to lint free wiping experience. So, they’re ideal for shining finely-tuned and adjusted tools. For example, mirrors, windows, and lenses are often hard to clean because of debris left behind from cleaning cloths. But with The BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX, you won’t have that trouble. And, they’ll clean and dry your hands, equipment, metal counter tops or glass display cases.


Painters cloths have to be tough enough to do their job without tearing. They also need to be absorbent enough to soak up thick liquids. The PAINTER’S PORTABLE WIPES DISPENSER BOX provides this solution and is ideal for onsite cleaning tasks.

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