BlueMAX Wipes

90 wipes per roll • 6 rolls per carton • 41 cm x 25 cm

Colour: Blue

  • BLUEMAX WIPES are ultra low-lint blue wipes with maximum absorption
  • Small handy rolls of strong, multipurpose, solvent resistant wipes
  • Very absorbent of liquids, fluids, solvents and chemicals
  • Solvent resistant, so won’t disintegrate when used to apply or soak up with solvents and chemicals
  • Great for lint-sensitive tasks, like polishing windows, cleaning equipment and instruments, or wiping down metal surfaces
  • Strong, durable material that can be used to scrub grease, oil, fats and stubborn dirt and grime
  • Tough and tear resistant wipes


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Product Code: 6-41022-PR


Undoubtedly, you want both strength and absorbency in wipes. However, this is seldom a given, sadly. But, with BLUEMAX WIPES you get both, and more! In addition, these versatile wipes are ultra low linting, solvent resistant and tear resistant!
Not only are they absorbent, but very towel little towels. Hence they ideal for all sorts of tasks, from workshop wiping, equipment cleaning to polishing glass and drying instruments. And, they’ve got the strength and durability to handle the most challenging tasks. Furthermore, as they have a smooth texture, they are not abrasive so ideal for polishing. Also, BLUEMAX WIPES don’t leave lint, so perfect for cleaning machinery and windows. 
And, because they’re tough and durable, they don’t tear easily. In addition, they’re solvent resistant, so you can use them to apply chemicals or soak up solvents.
Because of their versatility, they’re popular in many industries. For example, outlined below of a few:-


Because industrial spills need solvent resistant wipes, these blue workshop towels are very handy! In fact, our INDUSTRIAL BLUEMAX WIPES  are capable of absorbing most solvents, chemicals, fluids and lubricants. And they have the industrial strength to match, so they won’t fall apart easily when used for tough scrubbing jobs. Furthermore, they ultra low lint wipes so you won’t get any lint left behind. So you can use them for cleaning lint-sensitive machinery and equipment. 


Because there’s always a spill of ink, toner, solvents or grease in a print room, its handy to have these small convenient rolls of wipes. Not only do PRINTERS BLUEMAX WIPES offer maximum absorption, they’re basically lint-free too. Hence these wipes can be used for those ultra low-lint cleaning tasks printers face daily. Finally, their strength is an advantage when it comes to removing grease and grime from machinery and equipment.


Because workshop rags are becoming more expensive, more and more people are looking at rag replacement wipes. And, they’re finding that the AUTOMTIVE BLUEMAX WIPES are a great substitute. Not only, are they tough and absorbent, they’re a lot cheaper, cleaner, more hygienic and more consistent than rags. In addition, these ultra low lint-wipes are great for cleaning lint-sensitive machinery and equipment, as well as polishing windscreens. Also, they work well with solvents and cleaners.


Rather than using rags, detailers are now using professional wipes to improve performance and reduce costs. And, a popular product they like is the CAR CARE BLUEMAX WIPES. Because these ultra low-lint wipes are polish and clean windshields and mirrors without leaving lint or streaks. And, they’re tough enough to scrub dirt and mud off the hubcaps and grill. Also, they can use them with cleaners. In fact, these solvent resistant wipes absorb cleaners and chemicals well. Importantly, they’re also non-abrasive and smooth, so they won’t damage or scratch surfaces.


Occasionally, restaurants and hotels use kitchen cloths, but more often they use disposable wipes. Why? Because they’re more hygienic than reusing germ infested cloths! And with the HOSPITALITY BLUEMAX WIPES they get handy rolls of 90 tear off wipes, that are very absorbent and ultra low linting. So, ideal for drying glasses, mopping up counter spills, and cleaning kitchen stoves. In fact, these multipurpose disposable wipes can handle any tasks. And they’re low cost, high quality, disposable wipes. 


Equally, HEALTHCARE BLUEMAX WIPES provide aged care, hospitals and medical facilities with ultra low-lint single-use disposable wipes. Not only great for hygiene, but great for the budget too! They’ll soak up blood, spills, urine, as well as grease and oils. In fact, these convenient rolls are ideal when placed at each station for drying hands, instruments or dealing with those daily spills. So, try these strong and absorbent, single-use disposable towels made specifically for healthcare.


Undeniably, the last thing painters need is lint to muck up a paint job. And, the fitst thing they need are good quality, affordable multipurpose with that can stand up to paint and solvents. Hence, they love the convenience of PAINTERS BLUEMAX WIPES! Not only are they basically lint free and solvent resistant, they’re very absorbent too! Ideal general purpose wipes for cleaning hands, brushes, surface prep, and containing paint spills and cleaning surfaces.


Generally, medical facilities prefer single-use disposable wipes as they’re more hygienic than reusable cloths. And so, the MEDICAL BLUEMAX WIPES have become very popular. Not only are they disposable, clean and hygienic, they not very expensive, yet the quality’s great! Specifically, they’re strong and tear resistant, and very absorbent. Furthermore, this absorbency extends past regular fluids and liquids to solvents and chemicals too. And, so you can use them to apply detergents and alcohol sanitisers. Also, they dry instruments and surfaces quickly, without leaving lint behind. So, try them. they come in small convenient rolls of 90 tear of disposable medical wipes, with 6 rolls in a carton.  

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