General Purpose Microfibre Cloths - Cleaning Wipes

10 Cloths per Pack • 5 Packs per Carton • 50 Cloths per Carton • 40 cm x 40 cm

Colours: Blue Green Red Yellow

  • Thick, soft, absorbent microfibre cloths used to dry and clean cars
  • Also ideal for polishing and drying exterior of car without risk of scratches
  • Long lasting, strong material
  • Can be washed and reused
  • All purpose cloth for economical, effective car cleaning tasks
  • Weft knitted and elastic
  • Convenient packs of 10 cloths
  • For lint-sensitive cleaning, consider our LINT FREE MICROMAX CLOTHS


PRODUCT CODE: (G) 4-8891 (B) 4-8890
  (R) 4-8892 (Y) 4-8892







Straightaway when you think of car cleaning, you think of a microfibre cloth. Why? Because CAR CARE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS are great all round cleaning cloths. Not only are they thick, soft and absorbent, they are also inexpensive, and abundant. So, knowing they won’t scratch your car, and they’ll do a good job washing and drying, they’re the popular choice. However, we’re not here to argue it, rather to supply the very best ones we can. 
Accordingly, we offer CAR CARE MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTHS in red, green, blue and yellow.
Furthermore, they come in convenient packs of 10 cloths. And, there’s 5 packs in a carton.
As a result of the above features, these cloths make great cleaning cloths. Especially for detailing inside and outside of the car. For instance, you can use them to scrub dirt off the wheels and flaps. In addition, soak them in chemicals to clean and polish the mirrors. Also, they quickly absorb any spills. And, this includes oils, grease and even antifreeze!
Comparatively, we can also show you a few other microfibre car cleaning cloths. For example, the LINT FREE MICROMAX, PREMIUM MICROFIBRE CLOTHS and the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS.

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